[Story] Fairsong Academy – Renner’s Notes

It’s easy to say that the whole situation is neatly resolved and tied up with a bow, but that’s not the case. Zarah still blames me, though she doesn’t say it outright. Just that look she gets, and the way her mouth purses up. While Hethurin was recovering, I went to meet her in the shrine. She told me that Sanimir had been given over to the blue flight, and they would see to it that he did not escape. I hope that’s true, though I guess if anyone is used to dealing with mages, it’s them. Zarah told me the name of Sanimir’s jailer, that I might speak with her myself later on. I don’t know if that’s really necessary, though I admit I’m a bit curious. I wish that poor dragon a great deal of patience.

Hethurin hasn’t been able to practice, understandably. He’s been recovering physically and mentally, which is no easy feat once you’ve had to fight an alternate version of yourself. There’s also the everyday business of the school to run; some of the students have had exams and there was a party recently. From what I understand, there will be one in the winter too. I’ve already come up with a list of cakes that I want Terellion to bake: mint and chocolate, a dark rich spiced chocolate, perhaps a light sugary one that looks like snow as well. And he should make sugar snowflakes. Those would be delightful. Anyway, Des assures me that she’s been practicing her portals and spells, though I think the whole situation shook her as well. It’s likely that we’ll need to go back over some things we’ve already covered. I asked Hethurin where he’d like to go with his studies. In a way I’m as reliant on him as he is on me, perhaps even moreso. To him, it’s all new and he will only learn more, whereas I’m unable to do things that I could before and likely never will again. It’s frustrating at times, but the best thing I can do is teach Hethurin (and his eventual apprentices) well.

He has been going to his alternate Booty Bay for fishing, the one we visited before. He says he’s tired of eating chicken, but I don’t understand that. Chicken is delicious! I suggested that he use it as an anchor, and try moving to different versions — they would surely have fish to catch there in at least some of them. That, and I’m a bit concerned that the people there might begin to recognize him too much. Evidently one of the girls who works there finds him quite interesting. Hethurin is adamant that eggs shouldn’t be used in baking the cakes. I’m not a chef myself, but I’m quite certain that they’re necessary to baking. His reasoning is that eggs grow into chickens, thus it’s the same as putting chicken meat into a cake. Even though you can’t taste it. I can’t say I really agree with him there. If you don’t use eggs I don’t think it would cook properly, and it would taste bad. Terellion can feed bad tasting cakes to Hethurin, I want the good ones. With eggs in them.

They’re interested in another trip to Outland soon, Des especially wants to look at the nether drakes. I don’t trust them, especially so outnumbered. And they’re just weird, they’re transparent but you can’t see what’s inside them. Don’t they have anything inside? If they eat something, can you watch it go into their stomach? One of the mages, Kes, is writing a book about them. I’ve talked to her a little about it, trying to make it seem like normal curiosity. Truthfully I think it’s a bit dangerous but they’re probably less likely to attack an elf which poses no threat to them. Either way, I think she ought to write it about me. I suggested to Hethurin that the students write papers about dragons, but he didn’t like that idea very much. I don’t know why, it would be great fun to read them all.



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