[Story] Morthorn’s Notes

I’m hardly an expert when it comes to relationships, yet this week I’ve been asked about them more than any other subject. I still don’t really believe I have one woman figured out, let alone all of them. But I always try my best to give helpful advice, even if it’s just to talk to the person in question. Sometimes I’ve considered having Lani sit in and give her opinion! Though I know she’d point out that every woman is different, and you can’t just apply the same principles to all of them. It would be so much simpler if you could.

Hethurin is still having doubts about Terellion, which surprised me a bit as they seemed to enjoy themselves at the party. I pointed that out to him, and he said that he’s learned to hide his feelings well. His worry is that Terellion doesn’t wish to be married at all, and plans to leave in the future. This in spite of Terellion saying exactly the opposite. Sometimes Hethurin can be very difficult to get through to, I imagine it must be even more frustrating for poor Terellion. I suggested, once again, that he explain his feelings to him. It seems that Hethurin is making assumptions again, about things that Terellion most likely didn’t really say — Hethurin can have a tendency to jump to conclusions that are sometimes extreme. I explained that Terellion is quite young and may not yet feel ready for that kind of commitment, but he likely will in the future. Pressuring him, whether directly or indirectly, is a good way to ensure that it won’t happen. Then Hethurin wanted to cease sleeping in the same bed until they were married. I explained that trying to go backward now would only cause Terellion to feel confused and hurt, unless Hethurin explained very clearly his intent. He seems to believe that Terellion’s interest is only physical, I said that from my interactions with them both it seemed that wasn’t the case. I’m not sure that I got through to him at all, he left more upset than when he came in. I really hope he isn’t going to give up on Terellion. He’s doing so much better than he was before he came.

Two of the rangers also came to visit, Sunashe and Tylenthis. Ty was worried that Vellira didn’t want to look at the babies at the party. I said that she likely felt it was some sort of hint about their relationship and perhaps wasn’t ready for that. Ty assured me that wasn’t the case. It’s possible that she just doesn’t care much for children, there are certainly women who feel that way. It’s probably a bit too early in their relationship to bring it up, however. Evidently Vaildor told everyone at the party about our baby, so there isn’t any surprise there. I think she plans to tell her father soon, if she hasn’t already.

Sunashe asked for help expressing his feelings to Lin, one of the other rangers. I’d hardly consider myself a poet, but I could come up with better things than he could! I said that he should write his feelings down in a letter, since he has difficulty finding the words when he’s around her. I suggested that he describe things about her that he likes, for example her ears. He said they look like two trees sticking up out of a plain. He might need more help than I can offer. Then I suggested that he read some of the romance stories for ideas, most of them are written with women in mind so they’re quite romantic. I thought to give him some examples, but he really should be giving her his own feelings, not mine. I hardly think Lani would like me writing love letters to another woman! I asked if perhaps Ty could help him out, while I don’t think he’s any expert either, he’s got to be better at it than Sunashe is. I did come up with a couple of ideas — I said he could buy her some nice bath things, or flowers, or a blanket to have a picnic on. Quite honestly, I think he’s going to come up with something very impressive if he’s in competition with a well-funded suitor.


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