[Story] The Ghostclaw – The Masked Ball

The party was a lot of fun! When Ty said it would be fancy, I expected it to be really boring and I’d have to use the proper fork and things like that. But it really wasn’t at all — I mean, it was fancy. The school looked like a mansion because it used to be one. The party was held in the ballroom, which was really huge! I kept asking if the owner had big balls and Ty thought that was funny. It was all decorated with candles and pumpkins and things, it looked really good. You can tell they really spent a lot of time making it look nice. They had about a million kinds of food, including the spinach rolls that Orledin sometimes makes. Ty said that he actually got the recipe from here, I filled up about three plates of food. I don’t know how I danced when I was that stuffed but I did! I wore a green dress because it kind of matched with my mask. Really it has all different colors, but there’s a lot of green so I think it looked okay. At least it had long sleeves, because it was pretty cold out in the garden. Ty said it’s really pretty in the daytime, it’s difficult to see too much of it at night but there were pumpkins and things out there too. Luckily it wasn’t busy at all so we could find some time alone. The benches were nice but they weren’t really comfortable if you get what I mean!

Besides food they also had three different kinds of cakes, the one we had was made with pumpkin which I’d never tried before but it was really good. There were also huge buckets full of all different kinds of candy. Ty brought back a huge bowl of it and we ate a ton of that too. I really liked the cinnamon red ones, but they were all good. I’d definitely want to come back again if there’s another party. Though it was a little weird when Ty kept wanting to go look at the kids. I mean, I have nothing against kids, I just don’t really want one right now. I hope it wasn’t supposed to be a hint or something!

He finally kissed me. He asked first, which wasn’t really very romantic, but I think it still counts. Maybe it was because he had some of the wine! It was a nice party. He mentioned he’d never been to any in the city, which surprised me a little. There’s really not much to do there, other than go to parties and get free food. I told him a little about the one I went to with Lani and Des, but I left out the part about meeting Gael there. I didn’t really think it was relevant. That got us on to talking about going to Kalimdor, and he said he’d tried to go but they wouldn’t let him. I explained that it was a pretty horrible situation anyway, not to mention dangerous. The Captain was injured and Nessna almost died, to say nothing of all the people who were lost. We should have just let the orcs and trolls fight among each other first. Anyway, I do sort of understand where he was coming from when he said he wanted to go. It must be really terrible having everyone tell you that you’re useless or a liability, and won’t even give you a chance. I admit I felt that way too when he first came to the building and I feel bad about it now. Luckily the Captain could find a way for Sunashe to help. He said he’s good at telling others what to do, but I still haven’t seen it first-hand. We got to dance, which was nice. I’m not the best dancer but I think I did okay, he didn’t complain at least. He said something corny about my dress, but at least he didn’t talk about my petals or anything like that. It could be way worse. I think he was a little hurt though so I suggested that we go out to the garden. Even though it was cold and cloudy and might rain, I thought it’d be a bit more private.

I definitely should have brought a cloak. I found a white dress to match with my mask, but it wasn’t very expensive so the fabric was light, not to mention the front was cut pretty low. He didn’t have a cloak either, but he did put his arm around me. Just a simple thing but it was nice, and he smelled good. I admitted that I’m scared that things might go badly again, not that I think he’d do it intentionally but worries aren’t always logical. He’s handsome and he has very nice ears and he’s a great ranger, but I’m still a little afraid. Also he claims that he never talks about me to the others. Considering how much girls talk, I find that a bit hard to believe. I’d ask Ty, but I doubt he’d tell me either. I mean, at Nessna’s party it got pretty detailed, and I can only imagine that guys are just as bad, if not worse. I wanted to stay out there and talk, but I guess he noticed that I was cold, so we went back inside. Is it strange that I wish more had happened? I guess it’s not if you consider how long it’s been. He said he hadn’t been with anyone since his injuries. That’s a long time, I hope he still remembers how.


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