[Story] Fairsong Academy – The Masked Ball

[[ Some short stories from the Hallow’s End ball at Fairsong Academy! ]]

I think the party was great! Everyone that we invited showed up, and they all had masks, some even had full costumes. Mine didn’t actually have a mask, because I was the Regent Lord, though I did have an eyepatch. I found this paper mask of a human at the store but I don’t think Hethurin thought it was funny. I did! I was even dancing like a human. I think he did laugh a little at that part. I’m not sure why Hethurin still seems sad about it. I thought for sure the party would cheer him up, seeing all of the masks and everyone having a good time. He loves being a host and it was a great party. I convinced Tik to let me set up some games too, just silly ones like trying to catch an apple with your teeth or balancing an egg on a spoon. (That one can get messy, so it was outside.) But he didn’t seem to want to eat at all, even the spinach rolls! Tik also made these grilled meat skewers that were really good, I ate probably about ten of those. The only thing Hethurin wanted was cake, I made the chocolate and caramel one especially for him. He also drank a lot of wine, which he doesn’t usually do so he got a bit tipsy. Okay, a lot tipsy. I had to make sure that he sat down somewhere, but even then he kept getting up and getting more. The only thing that finally stopped him was a girl that kept trying to talk to him. It would have been funny if she wasn’t so determined! I finally had to make her leave because Hethurin was getting upset. He should have just told her that I was his boyfriend. I wonder why he didn’t, or maybe she just didn’t believe him.

Other than that I had a really nice time. We even danced, and he sat close to me. I said we should have a fire in the fireplace later, but he had had too much to drink by that point. It’s not really a good idea to make fires after you’ve been drinking. I think Des had a nice time too, she danced with Perothis and they went out to the garden. He seems to like being with the rangers a lot, which is good. He can visit the school more often now.

I don’t know what we’re going to do with all of the pumpkins. Tik suggested that we could feed some to the hawkstriders, but I don’t think they can eat that many.  Maybe some animals in the forest would like them, we can put them out in a pile far enough away from the school.

Aeramin made our masks for the party, I think we were hawkstriders or at least some kind of bird. Mine was blue and made with peacock feathers, but I think Aeramin just used them so he could snicker at the name. His had red feathers. I tried to find some clothes that were blue to match it, but I didn’t do that great of a job. At least he matched. There were a lot of people there, some of them I couldn’t recognize because of their masks. I guess that’s supposed to be the point of a mask party.

Somehow the girls from the city showed up. I know I didn’t invite them, and Aeramin swears he didn’t, but I kind of wonder. Morrainne said she overheard it, which I guess is possible. But how did they find the school? It is the only school out there, so maybe it wouldn’t be too hard. She’s very determined. I could recognize them because they just had little masks on that didn’t cover very much of their faces. Plus, Morrainne was licking the spinach rolls again. Why does she do that, it’s so gross! They were talking to someone who had on a skull mask and cloak, I’m not sure who it was. It didn’t take long for them to get bored and find us. Great, I thought we were going to escape, but no.

They were asking about the school and Morrainne decided she wanted to meet Hethurin. I assume to try to impress him with her spinach roll trick, nobody warned her it wouldn’t work on him. Still I bet it was kind of funny to see. I’d hoped Aeramin would talk to the other girl since he seems to like her, but he didn’t really. He just kept giving me a look like I was supposed to do something. He’s still convinced that she’s interested, but I don’t know. Then he said he’d make my lunch for me so I could eat with her. Thanks a lot.

The girls didn’t stay too long, I’m not sure where Morrainne went but I suspect that she fell asleep in the garden or something. The other girl went to look for her. Aeramin and I danced a few songs, which was nice. Lin was there too, with the ranger who has a lizard. Aeramin mentioned that he came asking for warm rocks for it or something, I do remember Lin mentioning something about a lizard. Honestly I thought she was joking, but I guess not. I’ll have to ask her about that later.


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