[Story] Fairsong Academy – Raleth’s Notes

I told Lali about the mask party at the school, and she definitely seemed excited by the possibility of going. I figure it’s a perfect opportunity to test the waters, so to speak, because everyone will already be in disguise. There’s no way to conceal her height, but I doubt anyone who doesn’t already know would look twice at her. Naraleth might be a bit more tricky, but as I told Lali, I think most everyone at the school already knows. It’s the other residents of the Ghostlands that cause me worry — I don’t know who they are or their politics. The parents of the students could be an issue as well, there’s no telling how they might react if they found out that there was a kaldorei at their childrens’ school. Maerista’s parents in particular seem the sort to cause trouble. If it’s like most of Hethurin’s parties, the babies will be allowed to play in a smaller room with someone watching them, so it’s not as if he’d be the center of attention. He did say that he plans to convert the ballroom into a play area when it’s not in use. That’s wise since there are already several babies here, with more on the way.

Lali expressed interest in perhaps being the general education teacher, it’s something we’ll have to discuss with Hethurin. I would love to have her there every day with me, instead of hidden away like a terrible secret. I know how lonely she must feel, especially with Kestrae and Isandri gone. This way she could see them much more often. I don’t ever want her to regret being with me, I know it isn’t my fault but I still feel guilty. At the very least we’ll have the ball, and we’ll be able to dance together and everyone can look at her lovely long ears. I told her about some of the rangers who will be there, I don’t think she’s met many of them but just so she’ll be prepared.

I’m a bit annoyed that her grandfather hasn’t come by once to see Naraleth. It’s not that I particularly want to see him, but he should at least want to see his grandchild. Lali said that he didn’t like coming to Shattrath. It’s perfectly safe to do so, though I suppose he might have a difficult time finding his way. There aren’t exactly many mages in Ashenvale. I’d be happy to come fetch him if he asked, however. I don’t know, if it were my grandchild I would make an effort to see him often. That got me wondering about whether he’d prefer kaldorei or sin’dorei when he’s older. Lali said he might like something odd, like a tauren. I hope not! Tauren are fine in small doses but I’d really rather not have one visiting all the time. I do wonder about her friend though, it’s been a very long time since Lali has heard from her. I hope they’re all right, I suppose they were called to Orgrimmar too. I certainly saw some while I was there.

I had the idea to make blue dragon costumes, that way Lali’s hair would simply appear to be part of her disguise. We found some suitable masks in the market, but I’ll need to add on some scales and horns and things. There are also blue cloaks that we can wear to cover our heads. Lali and I will be blue dragons, and Naraleth will be a little blue whelp. I think it’ll work well.



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