[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Journal

Rylad and I made our masks for the party this evening. Nessna helped a little bit, mostly she just came over to check on how we were doing and make sure Rylad wasn’t eating too much of the glitter. He did eat some, there was no way I could keep him from getting it all. The shopkeeper assured me it wasn’t dangerous for kids, but I have a feeling I’ll be finding it months from now yet. At first I thought about making a white tiger for Nessna, but I asked Rylad if he wanted to be a tiger and he said “rawr” which I take to mean yes. So I made hers an Eversong lynx. I’m no great artist, but I think it looks pretty good. At least you can tell what it’s supposed to be. Mine is a lion, like the one that I found in the Highlands. I try not to think about that trip too much now, but I can’t help but be reminded a little.

Ty’s is some kind of monster, I guess. I mean, it looks all right. I’m sure he and Vellira had fun making them. Arancon’s is actually really cool, it’s like a skull but then he’s sewed it inside a cloak that goes over his head. It’s quite spooky, and no one can really tell who he is. According to him that’s intentional, he isn’t too excited about Aeramin being at the party. We assured him that it should be large enough that he can avoid him and just do his own thing, and the costume will definitely help with that. I thought he might want to dance with the woman who works in the stable, she’s closer to his age and she seems nice enough. He seemed a bit hesitant though, and admitted he might not be ready for anything like that. I can definitely understand that. He obviously still misses her, and he’s upset that he didn’t get to say goodbye. I guess all of that happened when I was away in Outland, but I do feel bad for him. It’s weird to see things from his point of view instead of Aeramin’s. I’m not saying that Aeramin was in the wrong in this case, just that I can sympathize with Arancon. I know if anything happened to Nessna I’d never want to dance with another girl, I’m sure he probably felt that way too.

Ty said he’d try to talk to Sunashe about Lin, I mean it’s really not my business but I want everyone to be happy and get along. I have a feeling they’d both be a lot happier if they just went ahead and got together. I’m not an expert or anything but I think if she’s going to lunch and things like that, she’s probably interested in more. Ty and I talked a little about Kes too, I mean I didn’t say her name or anything. I just said that things were still awkward between us, and she probably is still upset with me. We both have someone new and I imagine she’s probably happy, but I guess it’s still too soon to be friends again. I kind of wish things could be okay, like Aeramin and Hethurin are, but I don’t know. I know she’s probably angry because she wanted a family. I bet she’s pestering that poor guy every chance she gets. I don’t know, I guess he’s probably okay with what she studies because he’s still around. There’s no way he doesn’t know. Ty said I was a great father, I really try to be. I didn’t even know that I wanted to be until I met them, but now that I am, it’s really great. I really like doing stuff with him, like making our masks. Nessna said Hethurin is talking about having general classes at the school, which would be great. It’s closeby and he’d be around people that he knows.


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