[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

I wouldn’t have expected a moth to be a good pet, but Snowflake is. I can’t really tell, in the books I read it says that the only way to be sure is if it lays eggs, so I just call her a she. So she is much smarter than you’d expect of a bug, for one thing she knows when it’s food time. I always feed her when I get up, when I get back from patrol, and then right before bed. I leave her food in a little glass dish near her bed, and for the first couple of days she didn’t find it right away, but now when it’s time she is always waiting there. She eats bread, I put honey on it if we have it, but we don’t always. It’s not really easy to find nectar out here. Sometimes I also give her fruit, which she will also eat. But once it’s spring I want to see if I can grow her own nectar so she can grow big and strong. I’m fairly sure she would like Orledin’s cookies — they are sweet bread, after all, but I think he’d be offended if he knew I was giving them to a moth. So I just pretend they’re for me and put a little piece in Snowflake’s dish. She really doesn’t eat very much anyway. She has a funny little curled up tongue. I love the antennae on her head, they look like fancy feathers on a lady’s hat. Her body is very soft and furry. In my book it emphasises that you should never ever touch the wings, because there are tiny scales that could get rubbed off. Thankfully I don’t think I have to worry about the others touching her, unless they’re trying to shoo her away or something. Vellira says she’s creepy. I don’t see what’s so creepy about it, she’s not dangerous! I think she’s pretty.

There’s been talk that the mage school is going to hold a mask party this month. I’ve heard of them of course, but I’ve never actually been to one. It does sound kind of fun, and the food sounds interesting. There’s supposed to be a lot of candy, and things made with apple and pumpkin. Sunashe brought it up last night, when we were out in the back. I was practicing and he came out too, I assume to practice as well since he had his bow. I’m still not sure what he thinks, I was the one doing most of the talking, and he was very matter of fact about everything. He didn’t joke or flirt or anything, even when I gave him an opportunity! He could have said something about my form, right? He does want to go to the mask party though, and I said we could maybe look in the market for masks. (I think he forgot about that too, with everything going on.) I’m sure they probably sell them there, and if not we can get the things to make them ourselves, even though neither of us are very good artists. He wants a mask that looks like his lizard, I should have guessed. Its name is Blinky he said, but then he isn’t happy with that name and wanted to think of a new one. I think it’s perfectly fine, but I suggested Razor. It seems sort of sharp and pointy, especially its teeth!

It was nice with the stars out, just a little chilly but not too cold yet. That will change soon. Nothing happened though, maybe I should ask Vellira to borrow that shirt of hers or something. Then again, she was probably listening through the wall and heard everything. I can’t ask her for advice either, because she starts snickering anytime I say “lizard”. I guess it’s some kind of inside joke she and Ty have.


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