[Story] Ordinicus’s Journal

We’ve finally put the finishing touches on the tower this week. Of course, Hethurin already has more things he wants us to build. I definitely don’t mind, it’s great having steady work and he pays better than the inn did. Now he wants some of the larger rooms converted into smaller classrooms, he plans to hire a teacher to teach general classes for some of the kids in the area. I’m not sure why he’s in such a rush because most of them are babies! But I guess Kes is right, more people could move here and be in need of a school. Not everyone can afford to send their kids to Silvermoon every day, or boarding school. The academy would be a very good addition to the area. But the tower, it’s… we built it exactly according to his specifications. He was sure to check several times a day to make sure we were doing it right. And the little rooms and hidden passageways are neat, I admit. But if you ask me, it’s kind of ugly. No one would look twice if it was in Silvermoon, but here it really stands out against the dull grey of the forest. Maybe that was the point, it does definitely make the school easier to see from a distance. Kes keeps saying that she likes it. I hope she doesn’t want to build on onto our house!

Aeramin came by for dinner last night. He’s not sure what kind of mask he wants for the party. I’m not either, I don’t know if a Harkin mask would look very good, and besides what would Kes be? I thought about maybe a demon, but I guess that would be in poor taste, considering. So I don’t know, hopefully she has some ideas. She probably has them already bought and is just waiting for me to bring it up. They had that girl over for dinner, except it turned out to be two girls, not just one. How does Im think he’s going to manage two girls? One is difficult enough! I mean, not that Kes is difficult but you know, it’s still a lot of time and attention. I think one would feel upset if he was spending time with the other. Aeramin likes one of them, but he didn’t like the other. Kes said he should tell Im, except what if Im likes the other one? It’s really complicated. I don’t know if they thought this plan through very well. I feel like it’s going to end up badly, but I hope not. Also if this one girl is throwing herself at them, she might get upset if they don’t like her back. I know some girls are like that. Apparently she mailed Im a painting of herself and Kes saw it. I wonder why girls never sent me things like that! Maybe Kes will now that I mentioned it, except I have no idea what I’d even do with it. It’s not exactly something you can hang in the sitting room. And I don’t really need it in our room!

Oh, the last thing is that Aeramin’s father joined up with the rangers. Aeramin thinks he won’t be there very long, but he’s talking about renting the house out. He said his father has never stopped drinking or stuck with anything, so he’s sure to mess up soon and then he’ll have to pay for the damage. If his father is as stubborn as he is, he’ll probably do good at it just to prove Aeramin wrong. He seemed kind of upset about it though, so I didn’t say that. Hopefully they won’t have to see each other too much, the rangers’ building is a ways out in the woods. I suppose he could see them on patrol though, I see them in the morning sometimes when I go to the school.



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