[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

I feel a little bit better about the party now. Hethurin is able to get out of his room, so that’s been great for his mood. I can’t blame him for being grumpy, being stuck in there for so long. I mean, some of it was partly his fault for trying to teleport too early, but I probably would have done the same thing. Hey, if he wants to make Lani mad that’s his own choice! I personally don’t want to, she doesn’t exactly yell but she sounds like an angry mom when she says things like that. I don’t need another angry mom, I have my own! That’s why I was sleeping on the couch, so I wouldn’t accidentally kick Hethurin while he was asleep or hit him with my arm or something. Also because he might want to do something that he shouldn’t do with his casts on. I thought he knew that’s the reason, but he thought it was because I thought he was ugly. There’s a scar on his chest from where the magic hit him, like the one on my arm except a lot bigger. I don’t think it’s ugly, I think it’s kind of cool and it’s proof that he was able to fight a strong mage and win. And also dragons, well I guess he wasn’t fighting the dragons, but still. Anyway, it doesn’t matter to me what he looks like, I’d still feel the same way. I hope he would too, but it makes me wonder because he thought I’d leave because he was ugly. That would be a pretty rotten thing to do, especially after everything else.

The pumpkin recipes have turned out pretty well, everyone seems to really like them. Except for Hethurin. He’ll usually eat a little piece, but I can tell he’s only doing it because he knows I’m right there. I’m pretty sure he feeds it to Muffins when I leave the room. That’s okay though, I’ll be sure to make chocolate cake for the party too. We were talking with Des about it and we got some really good ideas for it. For one thing, we’re going to buy some small pumpkins and let the students carve them. Then they can put them in their rooms, or we can put them around the school for decoration! I just hope Keyalenn doesn’t carve boobs on his or something. I can see him doing that. I also said we should make some decorations, like paper bats or spiders. That will definitely make the school seem more spooky! And I’m going to ask Vaildor to help me buy supplies in the city so everyone can make their own mask. I’m sure he will know what store to go to, and what kinds of things will be good. I think it would be fun for everyone to be able to make them all at once. Hethurin wants to be a fish, which I think is a little bit weird, but I know Vaildor will be able to help him. I don’t have the first clue how to make a fish mask. I wanted to be the Regent Lord, which isn’t technically a mask, but then Hethurin said I could make an eye patch, so that works. We decided that the Regent Lord must have a pet fish, because a lot of fancy houses in Silvermoon have them. It can be like his special fish that lives in a bowl in his room. Des wants all kinds of beads and feathers and stuff for hers, she is going to make an owl. That will probably look really nice. We’re going to invite the rangers too, I can’t wait to see what kind of masks they wear. The best part is that Hethurin actually seems interested in the party now, which he didn’t before. I know it’ll be so fun!


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