[Story] Imralion’s Journal

I ended up talking to the girl, she was definitely the one who sent it. Which means it wasn’t Lin after all. I still think it’s something she would do. Her friends weren’t around this time, so she was even more obvious than usual. Like there aren’t a ton of other guys around? She says I’m the best looking one. I’m not sure if that’s true, but she claims she thinks about me at night. Then she started undoing her shirt, and she ate a banana in a really inappropriate manner. I mean, it was kind of funny but I also don’t get why she’s so obsessed with me. Kes says Aeramin was too, but he never ate any bananas like that.

I figured telling her about Aeramin would make her stop right away, but it didn’t. She seemed to think I could just see her and he wouldn’t have to know. First of all, I would never do that. I know what it’s like and I’d never do that to him. Second, I’m pretty sure he would figure it out, because where else would we go? I said I’d have to talk to him about it, and then suggested that she have dinner one time. That way they can talk to each other and she can figure out if she thinks Aeramin’s way better looking or has better hair or if he’s just super weird and doesn’t want to bother. Of course I hadn’t asked Aeramin about it at that point, I really didn’t think she’d agree to any of it. She says she hates mages, but the ones at the school aren’t like the ones in Silvermoon. Aeramin especially.

Aeramin seemed a little less enthusiastic about it when I told him. He said maybe he should rant about “casts”, which made absolutely no sense. I guess Hethurin was talking about how casts on your leg are bad and they’re the same word as casting a spell, or casting your line to go fishing. He makes no sense at all sometimes. I told him he should be himself, but then he started saying things about telling the girl about the demon. I definitely think that’s a bad idea! Unless you’re trying to scare her off. Part of me thinks he is. Maybe it would be better, I don’t know. I told Kes about it, and she said I should get a nice girl. This girl is nice I think, she’s just really lonely or something. I mean, Lin doesn’t act like that at least as far as I’ve seen. Maybe she does! I figure I would have heard about it from the rangers.

Speaking of rangers, Aeramin’s father is staying with them. Aeramin made it sound like he was actually working, but he didn’t seem to believe it. He said his father hasn’t worked since they moved to the city. If he really is, that could be good, it means we won’t have to watch over him all the time. Aeramin is worried that he might start trouble or hit someone there. I seriously doubt he’d just hit other people, most of the time when I saw him he was barely awake. I guess it’s possible though. I’ll have to ask Lin about it next time I see her. One of the other rangers came into the school asking for enchanted rocks for his lizard. I thought that was some kind of weird code, but he meant an actual lizard and actual rocks. I guess they need to stay warm and they lie on top of the rocks.

Anyway, our dinner “date” is arranged, as soon as I talk to that girl again. We’re going to have it up at the house, because I don’t want everyone at the school seeing her. I told Aeramin that she’d probably scare the boy students. Aeramin is going to make stew, so he’ll have less time cooking and more time that they can talk. With my luck she’ll probably think he’s the greatest thing ever and totally ignore me all night. I guess we’ll see soon.


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