[OOC] Challenge Dungeons

It’s been kind of quiet around here, because we’ve been working on the Challenge dungeons. It’s been pretty fun — I think I’ve finally got pretty comfortable with healing them. Moving some talents and getting the Klaxxi amber has definitely helped. But it can also be intensely frustrating to die on the last boss, because it means your whole run before that was wasted. If we weren’t under a time limit, I wouldn’t mind as much. I wanted to at least try though!

We generally have one or two DPS spots open, which also means we have to re-teach people every time. If anyone is interested in coming, we’re running from about 8 pm – midnight Eastern time. You will need flasks/food as well as invisibility potions (either kind). We’re running on Horde, I’m on my shaman Tsiku on Wyrmrest Accord.


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