[Story] The Ghostclaw – Vellira’s Thoughts

I had the dream again, the one where I see everything that happened  again, exactly like it did before. Except in the dream, I fall into the water too, and something pulls my down underneath. Everything is black, and that’s when I wake up. For a few seconds, I think I must be dead, because the room where we sleep is black too, but then my eyes adjust and it’s just the ranger building. Luckily, Sorrowmoss was out on her patrol and Lin didn’t wake up, so nobody noticed and asked what was wrong. I hate talking about it — I hate remembering and I hate how it makes me feel afterward. They’d say things like, “It’s okay” but it’s actually not. There was one person awake, and that’s Lin’s stupid moth.

She went to the forest with Sunashe and brought back this moth. She claims the ones there are really big, but this one is small. I mean, it’s pretty big for a moth, but not nearly as big as she was saying. Lin claims it’ll get bigger, but I’m not sure how she knows that. Maybe it’s a smaller kind of moth! She made a little bed for it on her shelf, who does that, seriously? I guess I’m glad it’s not a gross bug like a spider or scorpion or something, but of all the pets you could get, why a moth? Also, she didn’t think it through too well because moths are usually awake at night. Like it starts out in the little bed but then during the night it usually likes to fly around to different spots in the room and perch there. It especially likes the wall, and if anyone has a candle on, it always goes near that, because moths like to look at light. Lin said its name is Snowflake, which is a pretty stupid name if you ask me, but I never had a pet so what do I know. I remember one of the crew had a parrot, it could say swears in four different languages. At least that’s a useful pet.

Sunashe got a lizard, Lin said it eats minnows. I really hope no one else wants to bring any gross animals in here. I’m okay with regular pets but that is just weird. Lin said that it can teleport too, so I might be in the bath or something and this lizard could just come right in. I’m not sure if I like that idea very much. I asked Lin if she did anything and she didn’t. She didn’t say why but I know it’s because she’s worried that he’ll not like it or it’ll be improper. We’re not at a Silvermoon dinner party and she used the wrong fork or something. I told her that he won’t mind her being improper that way. I think really she’s just worried that he’ll not like her back, even though it’s pretty obvious that he does. She did say they’re going to the market soon though.

I’m pretty glad she didn’t like Ty instead, because I like spending time with him. He’s not all serious and yelly like Sunashe, and he has really cute ears. And he makes jokes and he actually laughs at mine. I bet my old captain would have liked him.



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