[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

Things are back to being weird and awkward again. Perothis wanted to go and visit Des at the school, so Sunashe agreed to take his patrol. That way, he could also start learning the routes and the important landmarks of the area. He could have gone with Nessna, but he went with me instead. I guess he already went to the library in Shattrath to get books about lizards. He said he went up to the school during lunch and asked a mage there. I thought we were both going to go? But whatever. He said he still wants to go to the market, but it’s weird that he would go alone like that. One good thing is that he said those moths eat bread, so I figure that would be pretty easy since Orledin bakes bread almost every day. Sunashe is probably right in that he’d be offended if he found out we were feeding his bread to a moth, so we’ll either have to sneak it or take stale bread. Or maybe we could feed it the heels. I don’t think anyone would care about that. My only worry is that it might get eaten by the spiders here. I haven’t seen any large ones this season yet, but it’s always possible that we missed some. If I get one of the small moths, I’d feel awful if a spider ate it. I guess we’ll just have to keep an eye on it, but I’m not really sure how you can keep a moth anywhere. It can fly! He’s still looking into traps for the lizards. Some kind of magical trap might work, but I feel like it would probably be better to befriend it rather than trap it. A trap would only make it scared and upset, I think.

Sunashe always says people shouldn’t talk on patrol, and maybe that’s why it was so awkward, but we were eating and it’s fine to talk then. Plus, the woods are mostly quiet these days. We walked down along the scar and I showed him the most likely areas to have Scourge. He did go all the way to the school alone, so he must know it at least a little. Of course there are the other routes, but it’s unlikely that he’d ever go with Orledin or Sorrowmoss. But he should still learn Nessna’s one of these days. He did ask what kind of food I like. I don’t know, all of it? He talked about how he doesn’t like to drink. He’s worried that he’ll drink too much and stop caring about his job. I think that’s pretty unlikely out here.  People in the city who don’t have any future are a lot different from us out here. I think he shouldn’t worry so much about what other people are doing, because that’s kind of nosy. He also talked about how he likes to take baths and sing in them. I can’t believe the other guys don’t make fun of him for that. Well, maybe they do and he’s just not admitting to it. I should ask Ty.


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