[Story] Fairsong Academy – Vynlorin’s Journal

Xarola and I went to look for herbs in the woods. I think technically it’s probably not allowed, because we said we were going down to the practice area. Then we found a log and went across the river. The mornings are starting to get cooler now, so it’s perfect herb-hunting weather. There weren’t any mushrooms yet though, I think we’ll need to get a good rain for that to happen. She knows a lot about where to find all the different kinds of plants. I know some too, but not as much as she does. But I could tell her what kind of scents each one can be used for, and she was surprised by some of them. I hope her mother is happy about all the ones we found for her. It’s weird to think that some of them might end up in bottles in our shop! I think I should get some for Xarola. It’s not that good of a gift because she’ll know that it didn’t cost me anything, but I don’t exactly have a lot of money.

My parents pay for the school, but they don’t send any spending money because they think I don’t need it out here. Well, I guess they sent a little when we went to Shattrath, but that was a special case. I wish my parents were like Keyalenn’s and just gave me money whenever I asked for it! I wouldn’t spend it on paintings and wedding rings though. I can’t believe he did that. Now he says he’s going to ask his father to arrange a marriage with Lin. He said that she’s an orphan, so he would only have to arrange it with her, not her parents. Considering how she responded before, I have a feeling that’s not going to go as well as he’d like. Salastion said that Keyalenn should just work on studying and getting really good at magic and then she’d surely be impressed. I think that was his nice way of suggesting that Keyalenn look for someone else, without actually saying it. I actually agree with him on that, it’s dumb to be going to magic school if you aren’t even trying to get good at magic.

I would like to get her a nice robe or maybe some earrings or something, but I can’t afford anything like that. So I have to try to find out what kind of scent Xarola would like and ask if I can have some from the shop. Or just take it, I could say it was for me but I think they’d know it wasn’t. I guess I’ll have to tell them the truth, and then my brother and sister will never let me hear the end of it. I think Xarola might also like some books, but I’m not sure which ones to get her. Books are tricky because you never know what someone is going to like, or if they’ve already read it. Plus whenever she wore the perfume, she could think about me and our walk in the woods. It was a lot of fun, I hope she liked it too. We did kiss one time but I was worried about the rangers seeing us or something, so it wasn’t a long one. I told the guys about that, they said she’s definitely my girlfriend if we’ve kissed more than once. I bet they’re jealous!



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