[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

I think the trip to Shattrath went okay. I was a bit worried about it, because I hadn’t been back since all of that happened, and I was afraid of it bringing back bad memories. I was right about that, especially out in the forest. I spent so many days being angry and hurt and confused, and then it was only worse when Im didn’t have time to talk to me anymore. It seemed like Sunashe thought it was interesting, though. We got a portal from the frost teacher at the school, I didn’t really feel like talking to Aeramin. We went around outside the front of the city, into the forest.

The trees there are very thin and tall, and they’re different from trees I’ve seen before, though there are some similarities. They have pine cones — well I guess they aren’t “pine” cones, but they grow up on the ends of the branches. They have an almost crystalline appearance, I would guess that’s caused by the magic there or something. I guess if I was really interested in plants I could find out more about it. I showed Sunashe the moths and spiders, which are both really huge. The spiders are even bigger than the ones in the Ghostlands, though I expect if we left ours alone, they would get that big. I like the moths. There’s something peaceful about them, I think. Sunashe asked if they could survive in the Ghostlands. I’d never really thought about it before, maybe if they were able to stay away from the spiders. I’m not sure what they eat either. He said we could look in the library to see if they knew anything about them. They would sure be a lot nicer to have around the forest than bats. We also looked at the lizards. There are two different kinds; the slow-moving ones that live on the cliffs, and the teleporting ones. Those are a bit more tricky to find, because they’re very fast and they can disappear and re-appear somewhere else, just like a mage. He was really fascinated by those. He was talking about trying to catch one of the baby ones. I’m not sure if they could be trapped, I think they could just blink out of it. But they could probably be coaxed with food, though couldn’t they just teleport out of the bag or your arms or whatever? You’d probably have to make friends with it first. The Captain might know about that, he’s good with cats. They’re not the same as cats, of course, but he might have some ideas. Sunashe wanted to ask the Scryers for books about lizards too. Can you imagine the looks on their faces? Oh, and we looked at the bird people too. Sunashe said they aren’t actually birds because they don’t have wings, but they definitely look like birds. They have feathers and beaks and little claw hands. I guess it would be pretty awful to be a bird but not actually be able to fly. Then I wondered how they came to be in the first place, did a person get too friendly with a bird, or was it a curse or something? And did they come out of an egg? So many questions I don’t really think I want the answer to.

We decided to have dinner in the restaurant on the Scryer’s tier. It was late, so the market had already closed for the day, but he seemed curious about it. I didn’t explain it very well, there’s really everything there. Being at the restaurant again was kind of strange too, but I didn’t mind too much because the food is really good. Sunashe especially liked the manaberry pie — I don’t think he believed me when I said it was good. I suggested that if we were able to buy some berries, Orledin could make it for us. We talked a bit, it was nice not having everyone around for once. I told him about that other blood knight, I think he was surprised. I don’t know why, pretty much all guys do things like that. They promise everything, say you’re beautiful and they love you, but it doesn’t mean anything. The moment we got here, he wasn’t interested anymore and I’m pretty sure he found another girl here. Or guy, who knows.

I asked him about what Vellira said, if he’d yell if I was doing something wrong in bed. He said he wouldn’t, but I could still picture it happening. Something about improving my technique, or something. Anyway, he wants to come back so we can visit the library and get books about spiders, and also the market. I suppose we could claim it’s ranger business in that case, we could be finding out ways to better control the spider population in the Ghostlands. Maybe the Captain could even get us some gold to spend.



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