[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

Hethurin is being horrible. I think re-hurting his arm has put him in an even worse mood than before, because now he’ll have to stay in bed longer. It was his own fault! Normally I think Lani is being a bit harsh on him but this time I actually agree with her. The shortest amount of time until his casts could be off was a month or so, not a week! I’m trying not to be mad at him but he can be really annoying sometimes! Like when he rings that stupid bell when I’m trying to do things in the kitchen. Then when I go upstairs it’s something really small like can I open the curtain for him or can I get that book from the shelf or — my favorite — what kind of cake are we having? Well if you’d just let me finish making it, you could find out! I mean, I know he can’t do those things himself but I don’t know why he can’t get one of the students or someone to do it, someone who isn’t already busy. I guess this is probably what Tik feels like most of the time.

He’s being crabby about the books. He doesn’t like any of the ones I got, he says they’re all dumb or boring. Or he’s already read them. Well how am I supposed to know! I asked him to write down the names of some that he wants, but he wouldn’t. He said he’d have to go with us to the shop, but Lani won’t allow him to do that right now. Des said she could do it, so I guess maybe he trusts her taste in books more than mine. The bad thing is that I have to take her into town with me. I mean, it’s not that bad, it’s just weird walking around with her. People might think we’re on a date or something. I’m going to walk behind her so they don’t think that. He also asked for some of those books, the ones he keeps on the one shelf. I can’t believe he’d ask that in front of Des! I just about died. I’m definitely not going into that shop with her!

The worst thing is he’s still being a jerk about the mask party. I wish he’d just say no instead of doing this. Like every time I talk about it, he makes some comment about how it’ll be bad and how he won’t have to come because he’ll still be in his casts. First of all, it’ll be the end of next month, so unless there’s another accident, he should be out of them. I think he just doesn’t want to go and is using that for an excuse. And I don’t understand why, haven’t they ever had a mask party here? They seem like they’d be so fun, and I bet the students and rangers would all enjoy it. He doesn’t want me to invite them, either. Like it’s supposed to be secret or something. A party with only a few people at it isn’t going to be a very good party. I talked about making pumpkin cake and he thought that was gross too. It’s not! He said he wouldn’t even try it. Wow, thanks a lot. At least he said he’d eat an apple cake if I made that, so I guess I’m making two cakes for the party. That’s if I even have it. I really don’t want to plan the whole thing myself, and I definitely don’t want to have him just being miserable the whole time. Maybe I should just go along with his dumb fancy party instead, even though it sounds really expensive and boring.


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