[Story] Ordinicus’s Journal

Work is going well on the tower thing. They’re pretty much the most convoluted plans I’ve ever seen, granted I haven’t seen a lot of plans but they’re pretty out there. I don’t blame Gaelardrim for that, I think he did the best he could at making them make sense. But Hethurin sure has some weird ideas about what he wants, and he can be very particular. There are all kinds of hidden doors and staircases that lead to different rooms in the tower. I have to admit, it’s kind of cool, but they won’t really be very hidden if everyone sees it being built. I hope we can at least get everything framed up before it really starts to get cold. I don’t want to be working up there when it starts getting cold and windy. It’ll be soon, I think — the summer isn’t really very warm here and then it usually just drops abruptly to being cold and wet all the time. At least that’s what the other guys say, and they’ve lived in the area for a while.

The house that we’re staying in is really nice. It’s already all fixed up, so it feels a little weird having nothing to work on when I’m at home. Though Kes did say that she’d like to put stained glass doors on the front. I think that would be cool. We’ll just have to find someone in the city to make the panels, and I could do the rest. What should we get though? Just a nice pattern, or it should have a scene or something? It’s something we should figure out. Kes keeps saying she likes it here, and wants to make sure that I do. It’s nice, I don’t mind it. There’s definitely a lot of work, which is a nice change from Shadowmoon. There I was always afraid they’d just shut the whole thing down. I thought about maybe learning to make furniture after we’re done with all of the buildings. I think that would be interesting, and it could make some good income. All of those people moving into new houses are going to need a lot of furniture! But for now, there are a lot of houses that need fixing up. It’ll slow down in the winter, but we’ve saved some so we’ll be fine. Plus it’ll be nice just being able to sit together in front of the fire.

I promised Kes that we’d go fishing too. Hethurin was injured and he’s not able to go, I’m not an expert or anything, but fishing isn’t that complicated! You just need to use the right kind of bait. Kes said she’d pack some food for us, so we could make it an afternoon trip. I just hope we actually catch some after I said how easy it was… it would just figure that the fish wouldn’t bite just to prove a point.

Aeramin’s house seems like it needs some pretty big repairs. He wants to move the bathroom to the other side of the hall, and make it bigger. That means putting in new pipes and everything. I’d like to help him, but I’m afraid that’s an area I don’t know much about. I know how to fix leaks in pipes, and fix them if they’re clogged, but that’s about it. Hopefully he can find someone in the city who can help him out. At least their roof is done, so they can keep working once the rain starts. It’ll still be cold if it’s unfinished though. It’s strange that everyone we know from Shattrath is here now, except for Lali and Raleth. Kes is worried about her being alone, and she has a point, but I know it would be dangerous for her here too. Not everyone is so accepting, and all it would take is one person opening their mouth to make things very dangerous for her and their family. I don’t know what I’d do in his place. It’s not an easy situation. Aeramin was also talking about Imralion getting a girlfriend. I don’t know how he could be okay with that, he said it’s because he’s not a girl. Obviously, but I still don’t see how that makes it okay. I didn’t ask.



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