[Screenshots] Beta Screenshots – Draenei

I’m posting a lot of pictures today, to hopefully make up for not writing the last few days! Anyway here’s some of my Draenei. Their models haven’t really changed too much, though I do really like the texture they’ve given to the males’ head crests and horns. Why can’t the ladies get that?!



To my great relief, the sisters look basically the same. They’ve kept their personalities — Vajarra is cute and perky, Vass looks mad all the time. When I first heard that we’d be going to Draenor I figured there would be tons of Draenei lore, but now I’m not sure if that is actually the case. More importantly, I really don’t want to do a “meeting-my-alternate-self” sort of story with them, so I’m not sure how much I’ll be writing them at this point. It is really disappointing, because I’ve had them shelved for RP basically since Wrath and I really want to use them again.

I did have a couple of Draenei that I intended to be “alternate Draenor” characters; that is, they live there and wouldn’t be traveling through any portals or anything. One of these is Kedaar, the tracker. Originally my background idea had him being from Farahlon, but as that zone might not even make it into the expansion (??!), I guess that part will have to change. I am pretty happy with how he looks though.





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