[Story] Fairsong Academy – Vynlorin’s Journal

Tomorrow is the first day of the new term. I’m excited but I’m also dreading it a bit. Having a break was nice. I went down with Salastion and Keyalenn and we went swimming in the river down near the practice area, technically we aren’t supposed to but I know none of us is going to tell. Plus, the Magister is pretty busy right now. Everyone’s talking about this accident that supposedly happened, but no one knows very much about it. All I know is that he’s been in his room all the time, and his sister and father (who are healers) are coming here to see him. I hope it’s nothing too serious, but like I said, maybe I wouldn’t mind too much if we had another week of break. I’m going to have to do more casting this term, which makes me nervous, especially with fire. I did okay on my exams, not great but also not terrible.

Last night Xarola was in the dining room, reading like she usually does. She was reading a magic book, not one of the other books. I kind of wanted to talk to her about that, but I mean, what can you really say about them? I think my ears would be bright red. We talked about school though. She said she’s going to take the new enchanting elective and said that I should too. Maybe, I mean it seems really complicated and I’m worried that if I do poorly, it’ll mess up my overall grades. Xarola doesn’t think it counts, but I’m not sure. It would be nice to be able to study with her though. She seemed to like the idea of practicing together, especially since my practice room has a window in it and hers doesn’t. We’d have to keep the door open of course.

She also talked about her mother a bit, I feel kind of bad for her because Xarola’s father died and she doesn’t have any siblings. So it was just her and  her mother alone, but now it’s just her mother since Xarola came here to school. It sounds like she visits often, but I bet she still gets lonely. I suggested that she should come out here to visit, but Xarola said it would cost too much. As it turns out, she and her mother like to collect plants and herbs! So I bet she’s probably sold them to my family before. It’s kind of weird to think we actually knew each other in a way, but we didn’t. I told her about my family’s business and she seemed to think it was pretty interesting, I also said that I knew about what plants to get. So maybe we could go for a walk and look for some together, and then she could give them to her mother to sell. I think she liked that idea. I think it would be pretty fun.

I told her I wanted to try kissing just to see what it was like, it was kind of weird at first but then she said it was better. I think I should probably practice more though. There’s a mirror in my practice room. I just have to make sure the door is shut before I do that. If I practice enough I should be ready by the next time we have a dance here at the school!


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