[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Notes

Notes (for Hethurin):

– I’m bored
– I like fish
– Northrend
– I hate cream
– It doesn’t hurt (as much)
– Thief
– Magic sword
– And a mage
– Aeramin is dumb
– Mae passed
– New student
– by Terellion

Because Hethurin’s arm is still in a cast, I helped him by writing his notes for him. Except he didn’t want me to look at them or something, which I wasn’t anyway. He said a lot of other things but he talked too much to write it all down, so I just wrote the important things. One thing he wants me to write is his idea for a book, it’s about a mage (that’s him) and a thief (that’s me) who go on adventures and kiss and stuff. Except I told him I’m not actually a thief, he said it’s only for the book, and I only steal from mean people anyway. So I guess kind of like a pirate, maybe that’s not so bad. I thought we were going to start writing that but he said I could look at his notes after all, but it just was all about how sad he felt.

I tried to explain that we can still do all those things now, but he’s really sad about not having a wedding. We can have one when I’m a little older! Tik said it’s because he just doesn’t like to wait, I guess maybe he’s right about that. Hethurin doesn’t like to do things he doesn’t want sometimes (like eating things besides cake). I told him it would give him lots of time to plan everything and make it good, but I think he was still upset. I really don’t know what to say to make it better. For a while I thought he’d teleported to go fishing, but Tik said he couldn’t fish with his arm in a cast. I don’t see why he couldn’t use his left arm to fish, or maybe he just wanted to sit by the water and not actually fish because it’s relaxing. He wasn’t fishing though, he was out on his balcony. We talked for a bit, I don’t know if it really helped but I hope it did. Hethurin suggested that we could put the table out there so he can get some fresh air, I guess he’s getting bored with staying in bed. Lani said he needs to in order to get better, but I think exercise would help him get stronger again.

Aeramin was asking him for a portal to go back to before he messed up, thankfully Hethurin didn’t do it. The last thing we need is more trouble with all of that again. Can you imagine if there were two Aeramins? I mean it’d be good for classes, he could teach more than one. Hethurin is worried because he doesn’t think he can teach class while he’s in a cast. I think it would probably be okay as long as he stays sitting down. I asked Tik if there was one of those wheeled chairs, but it’s pretty badly broken. Tik isn’t sure if he’d be able to fix it. I guess a regular chair would work just as well, as long as Hethurin doesn’t have to move around. The new student has already passed his exams but he wants to take classes anyway. He’s quite a bit older than the other students, so maybe he could end up teaching too? I’m not sure. Mae also passed, she wants to talk to Hethurin about being an assistant teacher or something. She could help Aeramin with the fire class. She also stayed out all night with Gael, at first she said she didn’t but I know she wasn’t there in the morning. I guess it’s okay since they’re getting married soon anyway, she wants to start figuring out wedding stuff but her parents aren’t paying for it still so it will probably be small. I mentioned she might not want to talk about that stuff in front of Hethurin right now.



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