[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

The Captain and Nessna are gone on their trip, it’ll only be a few days. This time Sunashe is supposed to be in charge too, except he just had his surgery for his shoulder, so he’s not exactly able to do much. Ty went with him into the city, and went to help him back when he was finished. I thought he was supposed to pick up the new foot too, but he was too out of it. Maybe one of us could go, but I doubt they just give out fake feet to anyone who asks. He was out of it and sleeping for most of the day, but he woke up after dinnertime. He must have been having a nightmare or something, because he was convinced that the Scourge were moving and we had to go and fight them. That’s definitely not a nightmare that I’d like to have. Lani said he’s not supposed to get out of bed, but he was wandering around trying to find the map and I think he would have tried to go outside if Ty hadn’t stopped him. He kept saying we had to go help the Captain. Pretty quickly I realized that he wasn’t making any sense and we’d have to go along with his nightmare or whatever it was to get him to listen. So I told him the Captain was out in the woods with Nessna, and we’d take over their shift after he rested. I think maybe he believed it a little, but he tried to get up again a few other times. He said some other stuff too, but since he was all loopy from the medicine I didn’t pay it any mind. Who knows who he was talking about? I finally got him to at least sit on the couch, and he fell asleep there. It didn’t look like he was having the nightmare anymore, but I guess it’s hard to tell.

Orledin was in the kitchen making cookies. I talked to him a little, I suggested that he and Sunashe might want to talk to the Confessor if they’re having problems. He’s right in the town and the new office is really nice, there’s comfortable couches and stuff. I think he liked the idea, though he was worried about the innkeeper seeing him. I don’t see how he would if he was just going to Lani’s building, but he can wear a hat or a hood or something? I don’t know. Orledin has a kitten, it’s one from the school. Nessna told them she was getting it for everyone, but it’s actually Orledin’s, he feeds it and it sleeps with him. He calls it Pancat, which is a really odd name but I guess if he likes it, it’s his cat. Vellira said she came up with a ton of names and he picked that one. She’s flirting with Ty a lot, I don’t really mind I guess. I don’t think things ever would have worked with us, but it does get tiresome being the only one who doesn’t have anyone. Maybe it’s time I talked to the Confessor again too. Because sometimes I’m tempted but I don’t want to be with someone just because they’re the only option. We could get more rangers too, I suppose it’s not likely but it could happen.

The wedding got me thinking about it, I guess. It was small, but nice, the sort of wedding I would want if that ever was going to happen. And then I realized it would be a long way off — Im is closer than I am, and Aeramin just cheated on him! They’re back together again though, as far as I know. Im said that they’re looking for a place to fix up here, and he’s going to be with the Silvermoon blood knights again. Which is what I wanted him to do way back when and he refused, but now he wants to? Whatever. I’m sure the Captain and Nessna are having a nice time, wherever they went. It’s still nice here, but the weather will start to get grey and cold soon enough, and then I’ll be wishing for a trip too.

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