[Story] The Ghostclaw – Vellira’s Thoughts

I’ve never been to a real wedding before, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Ty said it wasn’t really like a city wedding though, the ceremony wasn’t very long and it was a lot less fancy. That’s not to say it wasn’t nice, because it was. They said a lot of mushy stuff and the ranger building was all decorated with fancy ribbons and flowers everywhere. There was tons of food and it was all really good, and the captain had bought some nice wine too. I think I’d probably like this kind of wedding better than a fancy city one anyway. There were a lot of people there too — besides all of us, of course. The Captain’s sisters were there with their husbands, and one of them had a little baby too. His parents were there, along with Nessna’s father. I think her brother was supposed to come, but there was some kind of accident and he couldn’t make it. I hope he’s all right. Lin said that Grumpyfoot believes he actually died and they’re trying to cover it up. That would be sad. And weird.

Since Nessna is away, someone had to take her patrol. I guess the Captain left both her and Grumpyfoot in charge (why!!) so he said that Perothis and I needed to learn the route. Which was okay, because we got to go with Lin and we talked about everything that happened at the wedding. Or didn’t happen! Ty is so funny, I don’t know how much more obvious I need to be. I honestly think he hasn’t had many chances to be around girls before, he sort of froze up and panicked. Or it could have been because of all the people around, but it’s not like they were paying attention to us anyway. Gael was “dancing” with his mage and by dancing I mean practically making out over in the corner. The Captain and Nessna took off as soon as they could — they said they had a boat to catch but I think everyone knows what they were actually going to do. Everyone else was either eating or playing with the babies. Ty made some suggestion about going for a walk in the woods, which I guess would work, but there are plenty of good places here in the building. You just have to get a little creative. Guys aren’t allowed into the womens’ quarters, but there are plenty of other places they are allowed, such as the storage room, the kitchen, the pantry, under the deck… you know. But I guess the woods might be okay too, so long as there’s not a lot of mud or pine needles or anything.

I felt bad for Lin though, she got to dance a little bit with Grumpyfoot but he can’t for very long. He’s supposed to get his new foot later this week, maybe that will improve his mood? But I doubt it. I told Lin what else would help his mood, but I don’t think she liked the idea much. Most of the time they just sat there awkwardly. We talked about him and Ty while we were on patrol, another thing Grumpyfoot doesn’t approve of, but he wasn’t there so whatever. Perothis stayed up ahead to “scout” but actually I just think he didn’t want to listen to us talking about guys. Des came to the wedding for just a little while, but then she had to go back to help take care of Hethurin at the school. Anyway, Lin said Grumpyfoot wanted her to go look at animals at the faire, which I agreed sounded pretty weird. But she said she would go because it’s not as if there’s a line of guys waiting to ask her out. (I didn’t point out that there was also Keyalenn.) And the food is supposed to be good, but I’m not sure if any food is worth going on a date with him! He also hates it when people drink, except she said he had two glasses himself, so he’s also a hypocrite, but who didn’t see that one coming? Personally I think she ought to keep looking. Ty is cute, even if he’s a little innocent. He says my ears are delicate, which makes me laugh. I didn’t think anything of mine was delicate. He said he’d like to find out, so maybe he is getting the hint after all.


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