[Story] Fairsong Academy – Raleth’s Notes

Magister Firewind and I were asked to come to the school on short notice, apparently there’s been some sort of accident with Hethurin. The explanation that Des gave us was… lacking, at best, something about rocks falling onto him while fishing. I think it’s more likely that something backfired and he’s too embarrassed to admit it. It must have been pretty bad if a fishing accident seems the more reasonable explanation. Either way, Magister Firewind and I gave the quarter finals, and I’ve brought them home for grading. I hope everyone did well. I’m particularly concerned about Keyalenn — even despite our recent talk his work seems to be slipping of late. I know he’s capable, and when he’s focused he’s an excellent student, but his attention is elsewhere these past few weeks. I don’t want Hethurin to send him home, and I certainly don’t want him to fail my class. Maerista has been coming to see me after class for extra help, and I’ve lent her some of my books to read. Her final exam in Silvermoon is coming up shortly, and she’s worried about the frost section. She’s very strong in fire, but struggles sometimes with my class. I remember how nervous I was for my own exam! Having Aeramin with her will help, I hope. I think her ranger is also going with her.

I’m pleased that the school seems to be doing well, if Maerista passes she will be its first graduate to achieve full magister status. And it seems word is getting around — we had a visitor show up last night eager to enroll. He had to go into Hethurin’s room to speak with him — hardly the best first impression for a magical academy! But he should do well, I think. The secluded nature and limited number of students allow for a more studious atmosphere than the city, I think. I also wonder again about bringing Lali here. With Aeramin, and now Isandri moving to the Ghostlands, she’ll have no one to visit with in Shattrath. Kestrae has already moved into one of the small houses on the grounds. I know it’s a risk to bring them here, but I cannot lock them away in a tower, it’s not fair. If Lali were to master her portals, I would know she always had a quick means of escape to somewhere safe. It would ease a lot of my worries if I didn’t have to keep watch on her at every moment. I’m not sure what Hethurin would say about it. I’ve no doubt that the students wouldn’t mind her being here — maybe she could even sit in the lessons! But what if a parent should find out? Someone might casually mention something, and then not only Lali and Naraleth, but Hethurin’s entire school might be put at risk. I couldn’t do that. I suppose I’ll have to talk to her about it, but I  hate having to uproot her yet again. She’s already been through enough.

Isandri and Theronil are looking to buy a place here and get settled. She was up at the school to assist Lani with Hethurin’s care, but then she was headed out to the rangers’ building. Evidently Sath’alor is marrying one of Hethurin’s sisters. It’s a bit of a surprise to me, since I wasn’t aware they were even seeing each other. But as I told Aeramin, I suppose there’s no reason to wait if you’re certain. People could say the same of Lali and I, although in that case we had a crazy grandfather to contend with. Aeramin was wanting to write a song for Imralion, on the piano. I hope that works, I’m not sure he’d want the students all hearing it though. Especially if it’s got naughty lyrics!



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