[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Notes

Things I need to get in Silvermoon:

– A bunch of candles and ribbons and stuff. I think they should be blue to match Nessna’s armor. I hope someone knows how to tie them into bows, I can see if Isandri can come and do it. I can’t ask Hethurin to do it, something happened and Lani had to go take care of him. Which made Sunashe upset because he couldn’t get his surgery done and now he’ll have to wait until next Friday. Unless Isandri is able to go start assisting sooner, I need to ask her about that too.

– Candles are easy. You just light them.

– I ordered some flowers from the shop. I don’t have any idea how many we need, so I hope it’s a good amount. I told them I wanted light blue and white mixed together. Hopefully Nessna likes them. The florist asked if I wanted a bouquet or not, I don’t know if there are going to be many single girls there or not. I said yes, just in case she wanted one. Note: flowers are expensive.

– Wine. Gael said I should get both red and white, and I want to get decent wine so people don’t think we’re cheap. I also want a bottle of the kind I got for Nessna before, so we can bring it on the trip with us.

– I have a reservation on a ship leaving from Quel’danas to the southern end of Stranglethorn. Nessna thought going to Quel’danas was boring so I bought those tickets for a surprise. It’s warm there, and there are several different kinds of cat to see. I hope she’ll like it. We’ll be camping because I don’t want to stay in Booty Bay. I packed the cups that Rylad picked out.

– Rylad’s tiger suit. There’s a store that sells just things for kids, that’s where I found it. I bet he won’t want to take it off after. Isturon is staying at the school, so he’ll be able to help watch him.

– I need to ask Isturon if he’ll do the ceremony. If not, the Confessor should be able to.

– I need spinach for Orledin to make the rolls. He hasn’t said if he needs any other ingredients for the cakes. I can’t wait to see Rylad’s tiger cake! I decided to get a gift for Orledin as a thank you for everything he has done for the wedding. He’s also been good about taking extra shifts when needed, like when Gael needs to take Maerista for her mage exam. I found a nice silver drinking cup and I got it engraved with his name. I hope he likes it.

– Gael wanted me to get candy for the party. I don’t know what kind I’ll get, something that matches I guess. I hope they have blue candy, if not they’ll definitely have white candy. Ty asked me to get those little mints, so everyone can have fresh breath in case they want to kiss someone. That’s good thinking. I hope there’s some kissing going on, I want them to have a good time at the party. I’m definitely going to eat some! I also need some fancy bowls to put the candy in.

– A robe. Haha, no just kidding.

– I’m pretty sure Nessna isn’t getting a dress, unless it’s something from that one shop. I hope she did get something from there.

– I think that’s everything. There’s so much to remember. Nessna says she’ll like whatever I pick but I really want her to have a good time. She’s done all this before but I’m really nervous about everything going right. I just want her to know how important it is it me, but I’ll be happy when it’s all over with.


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