[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

Hethurin has been sleeping since we got back. Everyone was in his room to watch him. Lani and Isturon made sure that he was stitched up and gave him some medicine to help with the pain. Lani said that’s partly why he is sleeping so much, because of the medicine. She kept arguing with Isturon about how much he should have, I don’t really know who I should listen to because they are both good healers. I want to listen to whoever will make sure he gets better quickly.

Des is worried that she didn’t help enough. I told her that she did, she was the one who made the portal back here so we could get Hethurin help. But I know how she feels. If I had done something sooner, maybe the rocks wouldn’t have fallen on him. I was so scared that he was going to die and there was nothing I could do about it. Then I was scared that he wouldn’t remember who I am, sometimes when people hit their heads that happens. What if he didn’t remember me at all? Des said he would but I’m not sure. Thankfully he did, although he was really confused at first. I tried to wake him up by talking to him first but that didn’t work, so I went and got some cake from the kitchen. I figure he’d wake up for cake. I wanted him to eat something so he would feel better, and get stronger. He was really confused at first, he thought he was dead. He asked what happened, I wasn’t sure how much I should say with Lani and Isturon right there. I definitely didn’t mention the dragons or the other Hethurin, I just said that they caught him. I think Hethurin was more upset that they ruined his robe.

That’s another thing! I saw a real dragon! If I hadn’t seen it myself I wouldn’t  believe it. I’m still not sure that I do. When you look at Renner he just looks like a normal person. I didn’t even see where the other one came from, but I knew it was Renner’s friend that Hethurin had mentioned before. There was a human with her, she’s studying time magic too. Everything happened so fast, and that was right after my arm got hit so I was kind of distracted. Lani looked at that and bandaged it up, she said there might be a scar. I guess a scar would be kind of cool, so I don’t mind. I’m doing everything I can to help take care of Hethurin. I made him some food in the kitchen, I mixed fruit together and made it kind of soft so it was easy to eat. He was crying because everything hurt so badly. Lani and Isturon both gave me some medicine to give him, but it makes him sleep more, so I make him wait until after he’s had some food. Pretty much the only thing he wants to eat is cake, but I figure cake is better than nothing at all. He was worried about the students’ final exams, but we already talked to Magister Raleth and Magister Firewind, they’re going to do them. I’ll write down anything Hethurin needs and I can mail the reports to Silvermoon for him. Luckily it’s just my left arm that hurts, my right one can still write and everything just fine.

Mae’s test is supposed to be this week, and he’s disappointed that he can’t go for that either. Though he did want to go shopping, he said I could push him in a chair or something, but I really don’t see how he’s going to try on new robes if he’s hurt. Then he started talking about buying me dogs and birds. I think that was just the medicine making him talk funny. I did buy him some flowers though, to make the room more cheerful. I also got him a little soft lynx, like the one Rylad has, so he can hold it and feel better. Most of the time I try to sit with him but sometimes I have to go do things and he can hold the lynx then.



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