[Screenshots] Night Elf Male Model

He’s finally here!


I am super happy with the new model! I wasn’t able to get past the login screen to see the animations, I’ll try later and add them onto this post.

They must have been done for some time, because the different faces are already visible on the creation screen:


Okay, post-dinner I was finally able to get on and look at animations.

I think the casts are fine. Keep in mind though, this is someone who’s mained a male nelf for 8 years — any really major changes would have made me cranky. I’ll need to copy over some melee to see how those are. But I’m okay with them.

I do feel like the run and walk (/rp walk) are a little… off. His arms kind of flop around when he runs, it feels a little out of control. I honestly thought he had the Shrine speed buff on when I first tried it. And I’m not really digging the hip sway in the /rp walk. These are really minor though.

Also happy to report the flip is still intact, lol. And his ears still bounce when he runs!

Look at this /no face! Hahaha.



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