[Story] Fairsong Academy – Maerista’s Journal

Gael surprised me last night by coming to visit in the evening! Usually he comes at lunch time, because he has his patrol later in the day, and he can’t come for supper. I guess they are moving the patrols around because there are new people now. There’s Des’s guard — well I guess he’s not a guard anymore. There’s a new girl and there’s also a new ranger who is missing his foot. Gael says that he yells a lot at everyone for not doing things right. I’m sure he doesn’t yell at Gael though. I’ve been studying so much the past couple of weeks that he’s a welcome distraction for a little while. My exam is next week! If I don’t pass then I’ll have to wait until they hold the next one at the end of the fall term — but more importantly I’ll have to wait to be with Gael. He’s convinced that I’m going to pass first try and I hope he’s right, but he has no idea how difficult it is! Especially frost magic! I’ve been staying after with Magister Raleth but it still seems so difficult compared to fire magic. Magister Raleth says that some people just find certain types easier — he was okay with fire but he found frost much more to his liking. I understand that, but I need to be able to pass! Gael did say that he’d go into the city with me, which I thought was very sweet. He’s not allowed inside the actual testing room, but he can wait in the area outside. He said we’ll get dinner to celebrate after. I hope we’ll be able to! He also wants to talk to my parents still, I really don’t know why. I don’t think they’ve budged any, but he’s convinced that he can win them over. I hope he’s right, I don’t see how anyone could dislike him but my father can be very stubborn when he wants to be.

Gael also started on the plans for our house! It’s so amazing to see them and know it’s actually going to be ours. It doesn’t really feel real yet, I think it will once I actually see it being built. He asked if there was anything I wanted changed, but I don’t think there is. There’s going to be three bedrooms, that should be big enough for a while! He even made a big closet in our room for all of my dresses. He’s so sweet! I thought he wouldn’t have enough room for his things but he says he doesn’t have very much, only a trunk full. We’ll have to fix that. I asked if he’d designed any houses back on the island and he said there were a few. I said I’d love to see them one day, maybe we could take a trip there. He liked the idea, but he talked about staying overnight and well — I think if I was alone with him, I mean really alone, things would happen. I blame those books! But I read them and then I start thinking about what it would be like with Gael and I don’t want to wait. Especially when he’s here and I can look at his ears. I know you’re supposed to, and I worry that something might happen on his patrol or something. Or he’ll change his mind and decide he doesn’t like me after all. That’s probably silly but I do think about it. I gave him the painting that Vaildor did; it’s just a little portrait of me with a lot of the flowers he’s bought. Vaildor made sketches of the flowers and then combined them into the portrait. It looks really nice, I hope he liked it. He said he’d hang it near his bed, I just hope the other rangers don’t laugh at him or anything. He said they’re just jealous, I guess that might be true if they don’t have someone. I wish I had a painting like that of him, then I could look at his lovely ears every night before I went to bed. I already think about them! I suppose I’ll be able to eventually, if I pass of course. Gael said he wants to get the house finished before the winter. That still seems like a long way off.

Oh! I almost forgot that I found the gown that I want. I know it’s a bit early but I bought it anyway, because I was worried it wouldn’t be there when I went back. It’s hanging up in my closet. I just hope that he likes it, it does show a bit more than the robes I usually wear. It’s also not all white — the lower part is pale blue but it’s so pretty I don’t mind. He asked if I had one for after the ceremony too.  I know what that means. I don’t yet, it’s a lot less embarrassing if you’re getting it for someone else, like when I went with Lani. I think I’d die if I went into that place alone. Maybe I could get Terellion to go with me.



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