[Story] Morthorn’s Notes

I think things are going well with the new office. Most of my previous clients are able to make the trip to come visit, and they’ve still kept their regular appointment days and times, only now they come to me. That’s convenient, I must admit. There are still some who can’t travel easily, and I go once a week to see them. I’ve started stopping by to visit the rangers too, as I know one of the new ones isn’t able to get around very well on foot. It also lets me visit with Ty and Lin, who have both been coming to see me lately. The unexpected thing about the office is that I get new people coming all the time. That happened in the old chapel from time to time, but it’s much more often here. I suppose that’s because it looks like a proper place to get help now, rather than a falling down chapel. I suspect that Lani has a lot to do with it as well. It’s only natural that people would rather a pretty woman help them than me. She is upset I think, that I don’t charge people more. They haven’t the money to spare, some of them can barely get by. I’m not going to take what little they have left. If they needed help and hadn’t any coins at all, I would still help them. I think it would be wrong not to. I suppose that’s why I never moved back to the city. Perhaps she’s come around though, she’s been giving food to a few of them. One is a ranger — I think, or he was. He’s not come to speak to me, he only comes once a week to collect food from Lani. She tells me that he lives alone in the woods and he’s blind. According to her, Nessna and the other rangers check on him from time to time, but still it must be a very lonely existence.

Hethurin came the other day to ensure that we had wards in the building. Against what, I’m not entirely sure, I have to assume his mother. I told him it really wasn’t necessary but he insisted, and it won’t hurt anything to have them there. I’m just afraid of accidentally setting one off in the middle of the night or something. He assures me they aren’t lethal, but still… it makes me a bit nervous. I’m pleased that Hethurin seems to be taking such an interest in him, it’s quite a change from when they first met. I can only hope that their mother comes around in time as well, though I’m not sure that will happen. He has Lani and I in the meantime, though I know it’s not the same. He’s doing well with his schoolwork, though he has been prone to finding other things to do lately. It’s only natural, he is a young boy after all, and the weather is nice. I can understand why he doesn’t want to be in a room all day doing schoolwork.

Lastly, I spoke with Imralion the other night. I didn’t expect that. He told me that Aeramin had spent some time with a young woman. I didn’t expect that either. I’m fortunate that I’ve never been in a situation like that, can I only respond how I think that I would. Imralion seems to believe that Aeramin is truly sorry and wants to work toward trusting him again, but isn’t certain how. That is something they will need to work out together, but it is an ongoing process and there may be mis-steps along the way. Imralion kept wanting to know why he would do it, and I couldn’t answer that.

There hasn’t been any progress in Lani’s efforts either. She seems concerned, but it hasn’t been very long. As a healer she should know that!

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  1. She’s not upset, she just doesn’t understand how free works =P

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