[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Journal

The first thing I should write about is that I heard back from the Spire regarding Sunashe’s new foot. They not only approved the full amount, they also sent a certificate for dedication to service in defense of our lands. I can’t wait to tell him! He’s going to be so excited. I told Nessna that I must be better than I thought about blowing hot air and she just smirked. But really, I didn’t expect it to go as well as it did. He’ll be able to get the fanciest foot they have!

I hope he’s settling in well with the others. He did eat with us the other night; I know some of the trainees don’t like that he pushes them so hard at practice. I understand why, he wants them to be safe and do it well. It could make the difference between living or dying, he knows that first-hand. But I feel like he could be a little less harsh about it, I guess. Maybe I’ll talk to him about it, but I haven’t heard any more complaints. I know they’re saying them where I can’t hear though — as long as it doesn’t cause any fights. Orledin has been doing a great job with the food lately, I asked him about whether he could make stuff for our wedding party. I think I figured out why Nessna is leaving everything up to me — because it’s a pain to have to plan all of this stuff. What color ribbons do I want? What kind of filling should the cake have? I don’t know! I just want to have a good party with food and drinks and dancing, and everyone having a good time. I should ask Hethurin or Isandri for help, I bet they’d have lots of good ideas. But I also want Nessna to like what I pick too, so I’m always asking what she thinks about things. Like Orledin said he didn’t know how to make the spinach rolls that we had at the school, but he could make some sausages wrapped in dough. Would she like that instead? I don’t know! Actually I know what she’d say if I asked if she wanted sausage. And then she’d probably smack me. I should go up and ask Tik if I could have the recipe for them, because I know everyone likes them.

The guys were talking about who they would dance with. I don’t have to worry about that! Ty isn’t planning to ask anyone that I know of. I suggested he could invite a girl from the city but he doesn’t know any. I think he might ask Vellira, but he didn’t seem too convinced of the idea. He might as well, I don’t think anyone else will ask. Sunashe surprised everyone and said he’s going to ask Lin to dance. Not to be mean or anything, but that’s kind of a long shot. I suggested that he might want to warm her up to the idea first by getting some flowers or something. Sunashe said he wasn’t going to put in a lot of effort to try to change her mind. I don’t know if he knows how girls work. If you don’t show an effort, girls won’t want anything to do with you, they want to feel like you are pursuing them. At least in my experience. The flowers worked for Nessna after all! I don’t think if I’d just shown up and asked to dance, she would have. Well, maybe she would have, but I think it would have been less likely. Maybe Nessna could talk to her about it, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise or anything. Then Sunashe said that if she said no, he’d just dance with Ty. What! He thinks it’ll make the girls jealous. I’m pretty sure that would just make them think that he does like guys, which is already the rumor. I can’t figure him out, he’s a strange one. It doesn’t matter to me if he does, I just don’t want to see anything if I walk into the mens’ quarters. I suggested that Orledin could dance with Sorrowmoss, but he didn’t seem to like the idea. He said he liked her, but not that way. I’m not sure if you can really afford to be picky, Orledin.

Orledin also had a really great idea for the cake, he’s going to make a little one with stripes on it for Rylad. Then he can eat it all by himself, and by eat it I mean get the frosting all over himself. He’ll love it!


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