[Story] Berwick’s Notes

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I wrote anything like this. I found a blank book on the shelf in our room, and I hope Hethurin won’t be upset that I took it. I’ll leave him some money for it when we leave, if he wants. We’re staying at the school — actually I should back up. First we went to visit with Xyliah’s father. Her sister is there too, she’s doing a lot better but she hasn’t gone back to Desolace. I don’t blame her. They’re doing as well as they can, given the situation, but I know they’re probably hiding a lot of it. I know Xyliah is. She puts up a stoic front so no one can tell how hurt she is, but little glimpses get through, especially when we’re alone. I feel so helpless, I wish there were something I could do to help. Hearing about Nessna didn’t really help, Xyliah definitely had an opinion about that. She’s joined up with the rangers here and already living with their captain, Xyliah’s father said they are getting married soon. I don’t know how she could do that. It’s not something I ever thought about, nor do I want to. I know Xyliah must have, when I was in Dalaran. So she has a better idea of what Nessna must be feeling right now. Xyliah said she couldn’t do that, and I don’t think I could either. I also wonder if Nessna has told the guy everything, maybe he doesn’t know Vessen is dead.

We came to the school for dinner, and because Xyliah’s father’s house isn’t really very big (or private). I almost thought it was the wrong place at first, it’s changed so much since we were here. It looks like rich people live here, like there’s a huge statue of a dragon out in front. But I recognized the fence, because that’s one of the things I helped work on. Finally Des came to the door (I guess Tik was busy?) and we went in. It was good to see her and Hethurin again. The school is going well, which is great news. I’m glad that I could help it get started. And Hethurin says he has a new boyfriend, but we didn’t get to meet him. It was funny I was trying to get him to talk about how they met and stuff and Hethurin just kept talking about how he makes cakes and works in the garden. Aeramin is even working there as a magic instructor on some days. I’m glad everything seems to be going well for him, and he’s feeling better. Hethurin also mentioned the rangers, those would be the ones that Nessna is with. Xyliah admitted she really didn’t want to see her, but she does want to see Rylad. I think it’s kind of inevitable. I asked if she might want to stay here for a while, it’s not the city and there are a lot of places we could stay. We could even camp on the school grounds if we need to, the weather is still warm enough. I guess we haven’t really talked about where to go now, it would be nice to at least have a place to call home when we get back from trips. I feel good enough to go on some now, I still have to sell the things we found in Pandaria but that won’t last forever. Eventually we’ll need to find more, and I have a feeling that Xyliah wouldn’t like staying in one place for too long. I know I don’t. Though I’ll admit, I wouldn’t mind staying here for a bit. The room is really fancy — it’s great to have a soft comfortable bed after our cots — and the food is amazing. Hethurin was right about the cake, too.


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