[Story] Ordinicus’s Journal

Work has been going well here, I really can’t complain. After we finished Lani’s building, Hethurin wanted us to add a tower onto the school. I’m not really sure what the purpose is — to hold a library I guess, but there’s already one in the main part of the school. He says all proper mages have towers, so I guess it’s for appearances. Or to be extravagant, I think all mages have that to some degree. I don’t mind though, it’s more work. And from what I’ve seen, more people are moving here and will need things fixed too. The house that Kes and I moved into was just finished, so I won’t need to do anything on that for a while, unless we want to. She’s using the smaller room for her books and papers and things, also the cats like to go in there. It was funny when we moved, almost everything was hers! I just had my armor and bows and stuff. I said I’d have to start collecting something so I’d have something to put on my shelves.

It sounds like her friend Thero and his wife are moving out here too. They haven’t found a house yet, but it’ll surely need work done. That means I should have jobs well into the winter, when it’ll slow down again. That’s fine with me, I don’t mind a couple of months off. Of course it also means that Kes will have babies to play with again and she always gives me that look and I pretend not to see it. Where would we even put a baby? Between the cats and Harkin and her other “pet”, it’s kind of crowded sometimes. Aeramin came by last night unexpectedly, after his classes. He said the cat up at the school had kittens and they need to find homes for them. I know Kes wants one but honestly! I’m going to have to build on another room just for them at this rate. They talked about his “pets” a little too. One of them is causing trouble. It makes me a little nervous when they talk about that stuff, because there are more people around here. Also, seeing a demon isn’t that unusual in Outland — it definitely is here. Kes always promises to be careful but I can’t help being a little worried, especially if anyone should find out. We’d have to move and I don’t know where we’d go, I guess back to Shattrath but I think she’s trying to sell that house. One of Aeramin’s students is engaged. (She gave me a look then too.)

The biggest thing is he wanted advice about something he did. There was a girl that Imralion liked and Aeramin tried to talk to her and somehow ended up doing more than that. I hate when that happens! I don’t know what he was thinking, that doesn’t just happen without both people being aware of it. I’ve certainly never it happen to me! Anyway he’s worried about Im finding out and being upset, and Kes thinks he should just tell him before he finds out from someone else first. What a mess! I mean maybe he thought it would somehow help but that wasn’t a very good idea. I’d have said so if Kes wasn’t right there. I did think it was strange that Aeramin said he wouldn’t be upset if their places were reversed. I definitely would! I guess we’ll have to see what happens. I hope they’re able to work things out, and hopefully Aeramin won’t do anything like that again.

After he left, she was hinting again. I think it’s just because everyone else is getting engaged — the student, and the ranger she used to be with. That can’t be easy, but I don’t think you should just because other people are. It should be the right time for both people. Maybe it is? After all, we’re getting settled in here, and things are sort of secure. But it’s a big change. I never did get to talk to the Confessor about that, but he’s right in town now so it would certainly be easy. Maybe I should do that.


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