[Story] Imralion’s Journal

Not much has been going on lately, I guess that’s why I haven’t bothered to write in this book. Looking at my last page, it seems I wrote about that girl at the library. That didn’t turn out so well. I saw here there again, not too long ago, and I figured I’d talk to her and maybe invite her over for dinner or something. Aeramin’s cooking is really good and I figured she could get to know us better that way. But she was really kind of rude, she said she didn’t want to talk to me and don’t try again. I’m confused, I thought we’d got along pretty well last time, and I’m not sure what I did to make her so angry. I thought about going after her to ask but I think she did that mage disappearing thing. Am I really that bad at reading girls? I didn’t think I was, but it has been a long time since I tried to talk to one. I guess I’ll have to try again, but there haven’t really been any around that I thought would work. We’d have better luck in Silvermoon, but I know how Aeramin feels about that.

I have been wanting to visit maybe though. I don’t think Linarelle is very happy there, I mean she says she is in her letters but I can tell. She did tell me about a new ranger they have though, she’s a girl and they seem to get along pretty well. (I wonder if she’d like us? Ha ha.) But there aren’t a lot of guys there either. I suppose it’s better that she didn’t move here to Shattrath after all, pretty much the only guys here are mages in the library and blood knights. I know she wouldn’t like any of the blood knights, most of them are kind of jerks. I mean, they’re fine to work with but I wouldn’t want to be with them if you know what I mean. Aeramin said that Kestrae has moved into one of the houses at the school, so I guess we’ll have to go out there anyway in order to visit her. I wanted to point out that it’d be easier if we just moved, but I didn’t. I like the blood knights here quite a lot (as a group, I mean) but I could just as easily re-join the ones in Silvermoon. It’s just that the Shattrath ones actually get to fight things sometimes.

Things have been going really good with Aeramin lately. I don’t know what I did to change his mind but he’s suddenly open to a lot more things that he wasn’t before. I’d like to think it’s because he trusts me, but I’m not complaining either way. I know it’s a big deal for him so I don’t take it lightly. I think part of it might be that he’s trying to convince me to stop looking, and I feel a little guilty about that. It’s not his fault! Girls are just different! But I suppose I could stop for a while. Like Lin says, you only find them when you aren’t looking anyway.


2 Responses to [Story] Imralion’s Journal

  1. Poor Im. He’s going to be upset when he finds out. 😦

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