[Screenshots] Garrison Invasion!

The live servers are being wonky this afternoon so I played on beta a little bit. It was wiped so I had to re-set all my spell bars… annoying!

I tried out the invasion quest. It’s set up like a scenario, and there are waves of enemies to kill.


I mean, I’m not sure what else I expected really, but it means healers, tanks, and undergeared characters will have a heck of a time completing them. The NPCs do fight with you, but I still died a couple of times. I’m sure that my hunter or lock would have a much much easier time of it.

Supposedly there are rewards you can get from them, but I just got gold for completing the quest. At the top there are “victory points” but I’m not sure if those are just a score or if you can use them to buy things or whatever.

I got achievements too, one of which was interesting:


The second one is for completing an invasion with 3 people – another good sign for shareable garrisons! I didn’t have a party of 3 though, so not sure why I got it!



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