[Story] The Ghostclaw – Isandri’s Visit

Isandri came by last night, with Thero and Iannor of course. I knew they’d be coming by soon, but it was still kind of a surprise. Luckily, Orledin had made plenty of muffins and cookies earlier in the day. I think they were a little wary of those at first, but I told them we’ve all been eating them with no problems. I don’t know why people still think that way, I think the only bad thing about him cooking is that he can’t really taste things. But he’s made them all so many times that he doesn’t need to. I can’t believe how big Iannor is! The last time I saw him, he was just born and so tiny. Of course I’d also had less experience with babies then, now I at least sort of know what to do. He’s getting some teeth in right now so he likes to chew a lot. Rylad is able to run a bit, but Iannor still hasn’t got the hang of moving around yet so mostly they just looked at each other. But I think it’ll be good for him to have some other kids to play with, especially once he’s a little older.

Thero didn’t talk very much, that didn’t really surprise me though. I guess I should just be glad he’s not punching me. Isandri talked to Ty and Sunashe about their patrols. That reminds me, I need to send off my report for getting Sunashe a new artificial foot. I had to come up with a reason that sounded halfway believable, I don’t really think the Spire would believe that murlocs or a spider ran off with it. In the end I said that it got caught in some roots and the metal parts got twisted, I guess if they ask to see it for proof we’ll have to actually twist them. But hopefully they won’t. I had Sunashe sign off on it. I just hope they decide to give him a new one. I don’t know what we’ll do about his shoulder surgery, I have a little bit of money saved up but not a whole lot. And I want to keep it in case of an emergency. Not to mention that I just spent quite a bit!

I guess the biggest news is that she and Thero might move out here, she talked to Lani about assisting at the healer building. I’m not sure how I feel about having both Thero and Kes living out here, it was sort of my own place and now it’s not. But they’re far enough away that I won’t see them every day, and I doubt that either is going to come around to visit too often. And it would be nice to see Iannor more often. Thero is going to teach enchanting at the mage school, and help keep the grounds safe. I guess that’s close enough to being a ranger for him. Isandri was dying to talk to Nessna so I went home to get her, she’d just finished giving Rylad his bath. I don’t think she really means to be nosy, but honestly sometimes it’s annoying. She wanted to know every detail about the wedding and whether or not we’re going to add more rooms onto the house. I think the house is big enough for now! Nessna said that the wedding stuff was up to me. It is? I thought the girl was supposed to pick all that out! I don’t really care — well that’s not what I mean, I do care but what I mean is the color of the flowers or whatever isn’t important to me. I just want us to be married. But I want it to be nice too, so she’ll be happy when she remembers it. And I wanted to be able to tell Rylad that he helped when he’s older, so I guess we can have a little party here. I bet this place would look good all decorated, and there’s enough room to dance if we move all the chairs out of the way. Isandri was trying to talk Nessna into getting a dress, but I don’t think it worked. I’m definitely not getting a robe, but maybe some fancy armor. I don’t know yet, I’ll have to go look what they have in the city.

I did get her some flowers when I went in for supplies today. No real reason, I just wanted to. They’re bright orange, with yellow in the centers and brown stripes and spots that remind me of a tiger. I wrote the note myself. I said she was as beautiful as a summer morning and some other stuff. I felt silly writing it but I hope she likes it.



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