[OOC/Screenshots] Beta Revisited

Due to my computer problems, I had a forced hiatus from beta. But I was able to log in again now! (And with better graphics, too!)

You’re able to make level 100 characters now, which is great. I made an Orny-clone and started exploring around and messing with spells and talents.

Let’s do the good stuff first: The zones and the new models look great! I was especially fond of Talador — with its Draenei architecture and beautiful autumn foliage. I haven’t traveled to Karabor yet but I plan to soon!

I was a bit worried about the druid changes, but just from messing around a little, resto seems to play fairly similarly. I haven’t dared to go into a dungeon yet — that will be the real test! All three level 100 talents for resto look interesting, so I’d like to do a little more testing there as well. But I’m relieved — so far at least.


You can also instantly upgrade your Garrison to its highest level. It’s now a full town, complete with tons of quests.


As you can see I haven’t finished all of my buildings yet. There’s also one of the “defense” quests you can do; I’d like to try it just to see how awful it is (or isn’t) for future reference. It’s really quite large, the size of a full town, and as you can see there are plenty of NPCs walking around. It’s just… I don’t really see the point of having what amounts to a private quest hub town. What purpose does it serve other than isolating players — which I thought was the opposite of Blizzard’s goal? I don’t mind the aesthetic of the Alliance garrison, though I would have preferred Draenei-style buildings. I definitely am not a fan of the Horde buildings, however.

I was pleased to find this little house (even though it appears to belong to a female druid already. But I’m the “commander” so it’s mine now huh?)


If I could invite my friends over, it would be great for RP wouldn’t it? I haven’t tested that yet, though as I mentioned in another post there is an achievement for visiting a friend’s garrison, so it should be possible at some point, if not now.


One Response to [OOC/Screenshots] Beta Revisited

  1. I did a couple of the defense quests on Sanimir, I beat it, but he died a lot, haha

    We need to try inviting each other to our garrisons again soon to see if they’ve worked that out yet.

    I’m with you on the isolation of players, and without flying, I’m even less likely to go out and explore.

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