[Story] Isandri’s Diary

Dear Diary,

The school has really changed since I was last here! It’s obvious how much work Hethurin has been putting into it, along with Tik and Terellion. The students seem to be doing well too, he said that one should be ready to take her final exam soon. How exciting! I think it would be wonderful for the school to have its first graduate. Though there was some trouble, and I hope it won’t cause any scandal for the school. It seems that her parents wanted her to marry someone they found and she wouldn’t go back to the city, and Hethurin backed her on that. I agree with him, but some parents can take extreme measures when it comes to these things. I hope they don’t try to cause any rumors or anything like that. She’s engaged to one of the rangers, I thought it might be Tylenthis but he said it was a different one. Ty was there in Kalimdor, in Thero’s unit. We’re both looking forward to seeing how he’s doing.

Well, I don’t think Thero is quite as eager to see the rangers, but I definitely want to talk to Sath. I can’t believe he hadn’t told us that he was seeing someone! And how they’re engaged! It was really awkward because Kestrae was there and I didn’t want to make her feel bad. I don’t think I would take it very well if I was in her place. Hethurin says it’s better and they can be friends now, which I hope is true. Kestrae wants him to be able to trust her. I don’t know if he and Thero will ever be friends though. He spent most of our visit outside, he said he was checking the perimeter and making sure there were no spiders. Hethurin has wards up from when the student’s parents were here, so I’m sure everything is safe. Truthfully I think he just didn’t want to listen to girl talk. Well, girl talk plus Hethurin.

He’s trying to give hints to Terellion about getting married. He suggested various things like flowers, but he mentioned they like to read together. I’m sure there are books like that, where they get married and live happily ever after, just like the ones with guys and girls. Hethurin said he didn’t know of any, so I suggested that he could write one and read it with him. That would be a bit hint! But he wants it to be Terellion’s idea, which I understand. I wouldn’t have wanted to ask Thero either, I was lucky in that he had the idea right away. I know that’s not always the case. I want to ask Nessna about what it was like when Sath asked. I know she’s a ranger, and she has Rylad — he must be almost two now! I hope he and Iannor get along well. Rylad will be able to run and Iannor can crawl a bit, but he’s not that good at it yet. Still it will be good for him to have someone to play with on our trip.

Kestrae also mentioned that they were going to stay here in the Ghostlands. There are some smaller houses on the grounds that Hethurin is going to fix up for students or guests to live in. The one they’re in now used to be Lani’s house. They have the new healer building in town, I can’t wait to see it! It must be so fancy. It got me thinking about moving here again. I know Thero doesn’t want to move to the city, but this isn’t the city. And he didn’t like the idea of joining the rangers, even though there are plenty of others and he wouldn’t have to work with Sath that much. They are both so stubborn! I don’t understand men. But when I brought it up this time, Thero said he would start looking for properties that are for sale. Hethurin said that the Confessor in town would probably know which ones are available. I said we should get one with more bedrooms. I do like Shattrath a great deal, and I will miss Lali. Maybe they can move out here too! But I’ll be closer to my family and to the city here, and maybe Iannor can attend the school when he’s older. I think Thero was a little surprised when I said that I wanted a larger house, I don’t know why! I mean, eventually. Not right yet, Iannor’s still too young. Hethurin said he could teach a class at the school about enchanting. Maybe he could even have his office here. Thero also said he’d help patrol the grounds for spiders. I think he’ll like that. I made sure he knew how much I appreciated his deciding to move.



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