[Story] Fairsong Academy – Letter to Xarola

[[ Left under the door of Xarola’s room. ]]

Dear Xarola,

I was wondering if you want to go into the city during the break and look at the bookshops. I thought it might be fun, and we could go somewhere to eat too. If you really want we could visit my family’s stall at the market, but that’s only if you want to. We don’t have to. They make perfumes out of different kinds of plants and sometimes other things. Some of them are pretty nice, I bet they’d give you a discount if I came with you. If we do go, my brother and sister will try to embarrass me for sure, just to warn you.

Do you have the fever? Keyalenn says you must because you caught the flowers at Lani’s wedding, and because Mae got engaged too. It’s okay if you do, just I think it’s a little bit too soon is all. I was also wondering if we’re like a couple or not, because that’s kind of important to know. I hope so. I was trying to find a poem in the library that you’d like but I didn’t find one that was just right yet. I’ll keep looking. I would try to write one but I’m terrible at that.

Are you ready for our end of the term tests? I’m worried about passing frost. Keyalenn said he’d help us study, and we could help him with fire. I think that should work well, I hope we all do okay. I don’t want to spend the whole break studying!

By the way, I finished your book. I think that’s so weird that a black dragon would want to do that with humans. I sure didn’t expect that to happen at the end though! I guess they are pretty good, but I still think those parts are a bit weird. Do you read those or skip over them? I think I should read the Ruby one next, what do you think?

Do you think Mae and the ranger are going to move into one of the houses? If they do that, maybe we could get more students. Salastion says he hopes we get a new girl who will like him. I think that would be good, for him I mean. By the way, his mother knows how to make robes and he said he’d get us a discount so if you ever need any you should ask him about it.

Okay please write back and tell me!



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