[Story] Morthorn’s Notes

[[ Still waiting for the computer repair guy to show up… hopefully it’s soon. ]]

We’ve all settled well into the new office, and now that it’s finished it’s quite a relief. I do miss the old chapel at times, it had a certain history and character about it. I still go every other day or so to ensure that it’s cleaned and in good repair, and to make sure the garden looks nice. Perhaps it can be used as a chapel again, now that I have a proper office.

My office! I never knew how much I wanted one until I got one. I have an entire separate room for storing files, and Lani has one for hers as well. She’s not especially diligent about putting them away, so I’ve been going in the evenings to make sure everything is put away for her. I don’t mind, honestly I find it relaxing in a strange way. I’m sure that sounds strange, but having everything put away in its proper place is soothing somehow. And I feel that I ought to help her, after all she is the one who put all of the work into making this happen. She designed it and oversaw the builders, I’m sure she even did some of the work herself. She was here every day to make sure it was done right. I think Vaildor likes it as well. He’s very excited about being able to draw on his walls, I just hope he remains as eager about getting his school work done. The summer will pass quickly, and autumn will be here before we know it. I hope he’ll be ready.

A few of my regular patients have come to visit at the new office, they’ve all remarked how nice and comfortable it is. There’s a comfortable lounge they can sit on, and a regular chair for me. There’s a large wooden desk too, but I keep it on the other side of the room. I feel it’s better if they can see me while they are talking, so there isn’t the appearance that I’m hiding anything. One of the faces was new though, he’s a former ranger who has returned here in hopes of joining up with the band here. He’d spent the past years in the city, and no doubt this place brings back a great deal of unwelcome memories, but he didn’t say much of anything yet. Sometimes it takes people more than one visit, I understand. Mostly we discussed the financials of his visit with Lani — he’ll need some surgery on his shoulder as well as a new prosthetic foot. He was rather severely injured back then and hasn’t been able to afford to treat it. I assured him that I’d speak with Lani about it, I know she’s from the city and she may not really understand what it’s like for people here. They don’t have a lot of money, but they need help just the same. He’s going to try to get work with the rangers here, so he should at least have some income, maybe he could pay an amount every month. I admit I’ve a soft spot for veterans, as well. If not for their sacrifice, these lands wouldn’t even be here today.

I also spoke with Ty briefly, which I didn’t expect. He’s searching for advice about women, which unfortunately is an area that I can’t help him with. They’re all different people, there isn’t one thing that will work with all of them — as I told Ty, if there was, its discoverer would be very rich indeed. The best thing to do is to speak with her directly, but he seemed reluctant. Without having spoken to him too much, my initial impression is that he’s trying too hard. I told him to take a step back and simply get to know them as people first, and perhaps a romantic interest will develop. He’s young, he still has plenty of time. He did point out that there aren’t many women here, which is true. But perhaps more will come, or he may meet someone in the city when he least expects it. I’m still not sure exactly what happened with Lani — as far as I knew she had no interest and then suddenly she did. Surely the same could happen with him.

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