[Story] Fairsong Academy – Maerista’s Journal

I’m awake writing in my journal even though it’s way past lights out. I closed the curtains and hung a blanket over them so hopefully no one will see the light. I’m just too excited to sleep at all! While we were in Shattrath, the Magister made Key and I go to see the healers. He said he was worried but I have a feeling it was just to scare us. The healer that I went to was a draenei. I almost forgot to answer her questions because I was staring at her weird face things so much. I’m glad elves don’t have those weird things on their face. Anyway, she said I wasn’t sick at all (which I knew) but she asked if I wanted to talk about anything. I told her about what was going on, even though she was a total stranger and she couldn’t really do anything. But it felt better to tell someone and she said that I shouldn’t let my parents decide my life for me. That’s what the Magister said too. It’s easy to say that, but a lot harder to do something you know will make them angry with you. But the Magister said it’s better to have them angry with you than be miserable for your whole life, and he’s right about that.

Des and Xarola said that we should elope, like in the books. I admit I’d thought about that myself, but we hardly know each other and I don’t have the first idea what I’d do out in the Ghostlands. I thought it was a silly idea and Gael would have a better one. But that’s what he suggested! Well, he said that I couldn’t marry someone my parents picked if I was already engaged. I didn’t think he was serious but he was, he got down on his knee and everything. I wanted to say it’s too soon but he said it wouldn’t be until after my exams anyway so I think that’s plenty of time to get to know him. And we’re going to go buy a ring tomorrow. I can’t really believe it. He’s built lots of houses so he’s going to build one out here that we can live in, which is good because I don’t really want to live with a bunch of rangers. Nothing against them or anything, it’s just not very private. After I pass my exams, he said I could tutor students or maybe even teach at the school. That might work but I don’t know if the Magister is hiring anyone, plus a lot of people there don’t like me. And teaching is really difficult! I felt like I was doing it wrong the whole time before, maybe it gets easier with practice though. If I learn how to teleport, I could also do research in the Silvermoon libraries and then just come home that way. Talking to Gael about it made it seem like everything will be okay.

I’m definitely going to tell them in a letter though, the Magister’s story about his mother scared me. I don’t really think they’d silence me or anything like that, but I bet he didn’t expect it either! I’d rather stay here where I know nothing will happen. I was surprised at how much the Magister was willing to help me. I guess he’s really opposed to arranged marriages because they tried to make him have one. Gael said that he’d help pay for my school to — I hope he doesn’t have to do that. I don’t want to feel like I’m making him spend all his money. He told me that he has some more, but it’s tied up in the courts because they can’t decide who to give it to. His family were supporters of the Prince and were killed in Outland. I guess that’s why he’s never been. I felt pretty embarrassed after I found that out! I know that’s something else my parents won’t like, even if I’m able to convince them he’s actually an architect. I don’t think there’s anything shameful about being a ranger, but I know they’ll feel differently. I’m proud of him and I’d rather just tell them the truth — they’re going to be angry either way so I might as well. I don’t know if they’ll be able to look past his family though, that’s something they care a lot about and people will associate his name with that. I guess that really doesn’t matter in the Ghostlands much, though.

I almost touched his ears. I really wanted to, if we’re really engaged it should be allowed. I wanted to touch his hair too, it’s so soft and shiny. I guess I will be able to soon. It’s definitely incentive to study more, I might have to ask Key for help with frost after all. Just so I can pass quickly.


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