[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

The trip has been pretty fun so far, although Hethurin has had to spend a lot of time working in the library. He says he’s researching something. One night we did go out to see the dragons though, that was fun. I was worried they might want to eat us, but Hethurin says they don’t eat people, only flayers. I didn’t know what a flayer was, but he showed me one. I kind of think they look like people, I bet a dragon couldn’t really tell the difference. But they didn’t, they just flew around over us. They’re strange because they’re almost see-through, but you can’t see their bones inside or anything like that. It must be caused by magic, Hethurin said it happened when the planet blew up, and I asked if that could happen to elves. He said not because dragons are different than us, but I don’t think he really knew for sure. It looked like he was thinking about it. There are big crystals there and they make a very slight humming sound, I thought it would be neat if we could bring some back for the school, but he thought they wouldn’t make noise if we moved them. I guess he’s probably right. They would look pretty anyway though, so maybe he’ll get some after all.

A lot of the time I’ve been going with Vaildor to the market. I don’t actually mind it, he’s pretty funny the way he runs ahead to the different stores but then he takes like forever to look at every single thing in it. It’s good that we are getting along okay, but I do think it’s still kind of weird. We looked at the orphanage and they had a lot of babies there, more than I expected. Des wanted to get the orc one. Why! They even had an elf, someone ought to adopt that poor baby so it doesn’t have to grow up in an orphanage. Hethurin asked a lot of questions about where we went and what we bought. I guess he wants to make sure that Vaildor isn’t getting into any trouble, but I think he should just come along with us one day, that would be fun.

Keyalenn and Mae are both sick, so Hethurin made them go to the healers. It turns out neither of them is actually sick at all, which is good because I was worried about catching whatever it is they had. Hethurin wanted me to talk to her and see if I could find out, because I guess the healers wouldn’t tell him much. She said that her parents were making her meet with a guy they’d found and she didn’t want to, and she was worried about telling the ranger. I guess I can understand that, my mother wouldn’t do that now but I guess she might have if I hadn’t told her about Hethurin. And she hasn’t told them about the ranger, and she’s scared to tell them. I personally think she should, and I told her that. It’s better to be honest because even if they don’t like it, I think it’s better than keeping a secret and making yourself worry about it. She didn’t want to eat and she said that Hethurin made her eat some bread, I managed to get her to eat some manaberries as well. She was saying that her parents won’t pay for her school anymore if they find out, and she wants to stay here but she doesn’t know what she could do after she graduates. I’m not sure either. I don’t think the rangers need a mage, but maybe I’ll think of something. I know she doesn’t really talk to anyone else so I’d feel bad if she didn’t have me to talk to. I also didn’t know how she’s going to tell the ranger, I agree that’s not news that anyone wants to get. I think she’s going to get him something in the market, though. She said that I should get something for Hethurin — I did, I got him muffins and berries! But an actual present. I’ll look for something when  I go next time.


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