[Story] Fairsong Academy – Maerista’s Journal

Dear diary,

I wish I had someone to tell all of this to besides you. I guess Terellion, but he’s been so busy lately and now we’re getting ready for the trip to Shattrath. He’s going to be coming along too, so he’s very excited about that. He’s been before, but that doesn’t seem to matter. I wish Gael could be there. Maybe I could suggest that we need extra guards, but somehow I don’t think anyone is going to fall for that. Maybe Des, but I don’t know. The party was nice enough, but it’s still weird with her. I always have this feeling she’s going to tell everyone if I say anything. Not that it’s a secret at this point or anything, except it kind of is. I really can’t tell my parents, because I know they won’t like it. They wrote and want me to come to the city to visit soon, probably because I haven’t for a while. But it might also mean that they have something important to tell me that they don’t want to write in a letter.

I know they’ve been looking for someone, I was the one who told them to! I guess I could say now that I want to focus on my studies or some other excuse, but I’m not sure if they would believe it. Or more likely they’d figure out the real reason and then I’d have to tell anyway. I don’t like keeping it a secret. I don’t see what’s so bad about Gael anyway, if I like him they should be happy. I know I’ve only seen him a few times but I really like him a lot. I hope one day we can go on a real outing, but the wedding was perfect. The garden looked so nice with the flowers, I think Tik bought some from the city but they blended in so well it was impossible to tell. The cake was so beautiful and Lani looked stunning in her dress. During the part with the vows I was daydreaming about having a dress like that. I know it wouldn’t be for a long time anyway, but I kept thinking about what style I’d want it to be and what color flowers and ribbons. I didn’t decide on one just yet. I thought I’d ask him what he likes. Except I can’t really, of course. He brought me flowers again and we danced for a few songs. One was a slow song, and he got really close and kissed me. It was so romantic! I was a little worried that everyone might be looking, but I don’t think anyone did. My ears were so red though!

I guess it wasn’t completely perfect. Lani’s mother was making a scene, I just hope Lani didn’t see it. First she was screaming at Lani’s father and everyone was looking at her. She brought her boyfriend who can’t possibly be older than I am (ewww!) and they were kissing and stuff right in front of everyone at the food table. I mean, not a nice kiss like Gael did, the kind you shouldn’t do with people watching. I definitely think she drank too much. They went inside later and I really don’t even want to think about what they were doing, I’m just glad I locked my bedroom. I don’t understand how anyone could act like that at their own daughter’s wedding, or why. If she was trying to make Lani’s father mad, all she did was make everyone think she’s kind of crazy.

But I still haven’t decided what to do. I need to visit before we leave for Shattrath, but I also want to see Gael before then too, since we’ll be gone for a week. I just hope they haven’t already planned something. They wouldn’t do that without telling me, would they?



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