[Story] Morthorn’s Notes

This will be my last entry until we return from Quel’danas. I think that a break will be helpful for both of us, considering all that’s been going on. Hopefully I can convince Lani that all will be well back at the building while she’s away! Even in Kalimdor, she never wanted to take any time off. I think she will like the island very much however, it’s especially nice now in the summer, when we can walk on the beaches. It’s been a very long time since I’ve visited, I’m sure there are more shops and things too.

It never seems that you know that many people until they all show up at once. And Lani’s family is so large! I got to meet the few I hadn’t yet, and I saw Aranae again. She’d come all the way from Pandaria, along with another monk, she said, and one of the pandaren bears. I’m sure that raised a few eyebrows, I hope Lani wasn’t too upset by it. More importantly, I finally met her mother — sort of. She didn’t seem interested in talking to me much at all, rather she wanted to show off her male companion. I don’t really think it’s appropriate to be doing that sort of thing at your daughter’s wedding, especially if her father is right there. But I suppose that’s the whole reason she was doing it. I just hope Lani didn’t notice that either. Fortunately I don’t think we’ll see very much of her, working out here. If that was the worst that had happened, I could probably overlook it, but there was a scene with Vaildor as well. I didn’t see it myself, but there was evidently some shouting between Lani’s parents, and her mother said some very hurtful things to Vaildor. He wants their approval so desperately right now that I know it must have been devastating. Des and Hethurin and I searched the house for him, I wanted to know that he was all right before we left. I finally found him in one of the practice room closets, hiding. I reminded him that Lani and I and many others care a great deal about him. She’d also discouraged his drawing, and I had to fetch his sketchbook from outside — just in time, as it was beginning to rain. Thankfully it wasn’t ruined. If she’d bothered to look at it, she would have seen that he very clearly has talent. With training, he could be a well-known painter and in high demand. I think he felt a little better after we talked. He’ll be staying with Isturon while we’re away, which I think they will both enjoy. The whole situation is very complicated, even for me. I can’t imagine dealing with it at his age.

I admit that I was nervous about all of this, for no one real reason. Partly it was standing up in front of so many people — I’m fine talking to one or a few, but large groups become a lot more intimidating. I suppose I was worried that she might suddenly change her mind, or that I’d feel too guilty to go through with it. But to my great relief, I don’t. I feel it’s a new beginning, and I hope now those doubts will be finally put to rest. Although as soon as we arrived at the island, Lani started asking about children. I know I’d said someday, but I think she meant right now. She likes to remind me that she’s not young — she’s young enough! I know it’s important to her, and I should have expected it to come up again, but I suppose I didn’t think it would be so soon. I said we should discuss it later, once we’re settled into the new house and practice, but I felt terrible saying it. I know she was disappointed, and that’s the last thing I want. Maybe I’ll change my mind this week instead.


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