[Screenshots] Sath’alor’s Cloak

I finished my 3rd cloak today! My warlock is close behind, only needing a few more stones (then his challenge and beating the celestials). I may end up waiting to finish his because it’s so much easier on a Tuesday. We were able to do it today using the raid finder though!

Sath can definitely use some wisdom.

Sath can definitely use some wisdom.

The ranged challenge took me a couple of tries to get, but now that I know how I think it’ll be really simple on my warlock.


Good old Ru’anthar helped me out with his heals! He’s a good buddy.

It’s interesting how Sath has changed over the time I’ve had him. Originally I made him just to have a hunter with all cat pets — that’s it. No backstory or anything, I just wanted a bunch of kitties. But over time he’s become one of my favorite characters to RP, and his story has been a lot of fun. For a while I didn’t know what to do with him at all, and he had a chance of dying in the Siege — I left that up to the dice. Happily, he survived and now he’s legendary!

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