[Story] Fairsong Academy – Vynlorin’s Journal

I finally got to talk to Xarola. I’ve been trying to all week but it always ends up really awkward and I don’t know what to say. But she and I were both sitting at the table, and it wasn’t in class, so I tried to move the subject onto the wedding. Well actually first we talked about dinner, but that’s ordinary type stuff. I figure it’s easier to talk about that stuff first and then work up to the more difficult stuff. Then I asked what kind of cake there was, and I asked what kind Lani would have at the wedding. Subtle, right? Anyway Xarola says she doesn’t like chocolate very much. I guess it’s good that I didn’t buy her any yet. But now I have to find out what kind of things she does like instead.

She was talking about the dress she gets to wear, I guess she and the other girls all get to be in the wedding. I’ve seen plenty of weddings in the city, but never actually been invited to one. Still I think I have a pretty good idea of what happens — it’s just a bunch of people in fancy clothes standing around and talking. Maybe drinking, and eating too. Xarola is pretty excited about her dress though, so I bet it’ll look good. I just hope she’ll be able to dance in it. I also found out she doesn’t have any siblings. I wonder what that would be like. I mean, I like mine and I’m really glad they exist because that means someone else can work the shop and I can go to magic school. I asked her if she’d want to dance and she said she would. I just hope she won’t be too busy doing wedding things. Like I said, it seems like most of it is standing around, so it should be okay.

I kind of feel bad because the other guys won’t have anyone to dance with, and I don’t want to rub it in or anything. I asked if maybe Lani has some sisters, and Xarola said she thinks that she does. So maybe they could dance with them. I followed their advice and asked about the book she was reading. It was just a boring school book, I asked if she ever read like made-up books and she said she did. Then I asked if I could borrow one sometime, so she went up to her room and got one for me. I guess I don’t know what I expected, but it wasn’t that.

There’s a picture on the front and it’s a kaldorei with long white hair and a guy is holding onto her really tight and both their hair is blowing in the wind. The name of it is “Emerald Desire” which is pretty weird. While we were talking I just looked at a couple of pages and wow, I can’t believe she reads those kind of things! I pretended not to notice though. Later on when I was upstairs, I showed it to the guys. At first they were teasing me for having it, but then I told them Xarola gave it to me. And then I showed them that page! They thought it was funny and gross at the same time and they wanted me to read it out loud. No way! What if the Magister heard me! Oh also Renner came up to get something and he told me he’d read one of them, “Amber Desire”. I had no idea he was into those kind of books.

I started reading it a little before bedtime, it turns out the guy on the front is actually a green dragon which is where the name “Emerald Desire” comes from. He doesn’t actually turn into a dragon though, at least not yet. Maybe it happens later, but that would be really weird after he’s been doing all these things with that kaldorei. She doesn’t know either, he better tell her because that’s a pretty big secret to keep from someone. On the back it says there are other ones, “Sapphire Desire”, “Ruby Desire”, “Onyx Desire”, and “Amber Desire”. So there’s someone out there who just writes books about dragons disguised as people who do things with women. They must be popular or they wouldn’t have written so many. It’ll be kind of awkward when Xarola asks me how I liked it though, I mean really. What am I supposed to say? I wonder if she has any books with less of that stuff.


One Response to [Story] Fairsong Academy – Vynlorin’s Journal

  1. mimifiremage says:

    Maybe tell her the main character reminds you of her? Not sure what the context of these books are, however…. perhaps she might be flattered. I’ve never came across these books. I wonder what kind of things these dragons do to women… if its lude, do not enlighten me. Haha. Good luck with the shop, and class!

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