[OOC] The Trouble With Garrisons

It sure is... humany.

It sure is… humany.

Between crashes and lag, I made it far enough in beta to create my garrison. As a caveat, I was already pretty down on them since I’d heard we couldn’t get racially themed buildings. (As someone who doesn’t raid much though, I’d happily trade a raid tier for racial buildings!) But after actually seeing them… I’m even less enthusiastic. And a little confused. What are garrisons actually for? What is their purpose?

  • They don’t provide any benefit for raiding.
  • They give small perks while leveling — but those become useless at 100. These perks aren’t really anything to write home about, either.
  • I’m unclear whether they help professions or not. I’ve heard they can be used to supplement gathering in the wild, but mine isn’t this far yet, so I don’t know. Regardless, not very compelling.
  • They are required if you quest. Why? Because Blizzard says so. I’m already irritated having to return to complete a follower’s task, I can’t do it via the UI. I’m certainly not going to want to keep coming back multiple times in a play session.

So who are they for?

  • They aren’t for hardcore raiders. As I already stated, there’s no raid benefit from building up your garrison.
  • They aren’t for PVPers, for the same reason. There’s no PVP perk to be had from them.
  • They definitely aren’t for roleplayers. There’s absolutely no personalization on any level: from the buildings, to your followers, even down to the name of the place. I haven’t tested whether they are phased (like the farm in Halfhill) so it’s unclear whether you can even invite someone to your garrison.  As of right now, you CANNOT invite people to your Garrison. Well you can, but you cannot see or interact with them, their dot doesn’t even appear on your map.

So what’s the point?

Garrisons had so much potential to be awesome. The excuse that racial art assets would “take too much time” strikes me as silly, when most of those buildings already exist in-game. At the very least, shouldn’t we build draenei structures in Shadowmoon Valley? Why can’t I pick and choose which followers I have, so I can populate my garrison with all kaldorei if I want to, or all dwarves and gnomes? Activities like pet battles are wonderful for the non-raiding population, which far outweighs the raiders. Garrisons could have been another fun activity for non-raiders to enjoy, an opportunity for creativity and expression as housing is in so many other games. I feel like Blizzard is holding onto our leashes way too tightly of late, and I’m worried that all of this is just wasted air. They’ve shown no signs on changing the capital cities back in spite of hundreds of pages of complaints. I’m just really disappointed by what could have been. It seems to me that they’re just going to sit idle and forgotten at 100, just as our farms are.  (The only time I ever visit mine is when I need herbs for raid flasks — which isn’t often.)

And — from an RP perspective, it irks me every time my character is addressed as “Commander”. Call me my name, my class, or even “hero” — but when did I get promoted to commander? I must have missed that in all the hubbub of the first zone.


6 Responses to [OOC] The Trouble With Garrisons

  1. I put my tinfoil hat on and decided they want them to fail. That way, they have an excuse not to do it again. “We’re not going to expand on it cause no one likes them”, and you KNOW you’re going to hear “We’re not doing player housing because garrisons failed, hurrdurr”

    The lesser tinfoil hat tells me there’s a lot of stubborn egos at Blizzard, and a lot of them are just being lazy as well. “Oh it’ll take forever to make a building”… Yet other games update faster and give more in their patches than Blizzard does.

    Sadly, I see a lot of people leaving the game.

    • Even their official page is awfully vague. It just talks about leveling up your buildings — why? The only thing I saw mentioned was a mine collecting ore for you. I have almost an entire bank tab of ore on my alt bank. That’s not enough to get me to want to do garrisons.

  2. I have’t made it all the way to the garrisons yet and I’m not a raider, as you well know, it sure does sound rather disappointing, however, I’ll give it a shot and see what it’s like.

    • mimifiremage says:

      I’m probably going to as well, however I’m not sure if I’m going to hurry to get it… This is dissapointing news.

      • Made it to the garrisons and started the building process, however, I have one task that I can’t complete to get the thing going – doesn’t sound like I’m missing much. Quests are quite glitchy even for Beta.

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