[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

Lani’s wedding is coming up soon! That means Tik and I have to decorate the garden again. But by this time I think we’re getting pretty good at it, and there are already lots of flowers. It shouldn’t rain because it’s summer now, but I think we’re going to put the tent up just in case. It could be for shade if anyone gets too hot. Also, Mae came and asked what we’re going to do about the mosquitos outside; I didn’t know we had a lot but I realized that could be really bad for a wedding if the guests are all scratching themselves. Thankfully, the bats eat them at night but Tik also said that candles would help keep them away with the smoke, so we’re going to do that. I think Mae’s almost as excited about the wedding as Lani, that’s because she wants to dance with that ranger who keeps coming up here. I admit he’s pretty cute, though too old for me I think. Then again, Mae isn’t that much older than I am and she likes him, but who knows. She keeps asking me which dress she should wear, I don’t know! I’m going to wear my fancy armor and the sword that Hethurin got for me.

I’m also in charge of making the cake! It’s the first time I’ve made a wedding cake, but it’s just the same as a regular cake aside from making more layers. I just hope I can get it to stand up properly. I said that Lani should get some little decorations to put on the top, usually they look like the couple. Hethurin thought I meant a gnome or something, wouldn’t that be weird, having a gnome on your cake? I don’t think anyone would want to eat that. Or I could just do a bunch of flowers like I did on the other cake. I just need to know what colors Lani wants them to be.

Hethurin was talking about having the builders stay here for longer, so they can fix up the outbuildings around the property. I think that’s a good idea, he could let students stay in them, or guests, or even rent them out. I just wonder if the builders aren’t starting to get homesick, I guess they would say something if they were. He also wants to build a tower onto the school, I’m not really sure why. He says that all mages have towers, but he didn’t have one before and he was still a mage. But the way he described it, he said there could be a secret doorway behind a bookcase or something. I think that could be neat, but I have a feeling that the students would find it pretty quickly. I also don’t really know what it would be used for, he said he’d put books in there but there’s already a library. I guess just so he has a secret place to go where no one knows, except as I said, I think everyone would notice a big tower sticking up out of the school.

He also wants to go robe shopping before the wedding, I don’t know why because he has probably like a thousand robes already. But I like going to the city because it’s fun to look at the shops and sometimes he tries on really funny ones. Personally I think he ought to wear those pants again.



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