[Screenshots] Tsiku’s Cloak


I finished up my second cloak today! I guess it’s not really that impressive considering I know people who have several, but it’s still cool. I’m still working on getting Xan (warlock) and Sath (hunter) theirs too. I am curious to try the other challenges, but think I’ll probably be done after that.

As you can see, a lot of other people got theirs today too – that buff is great!


One thing that was kind of funny, I never finished the Anduin quests here at the Red Crane temple, so when I went in for the blessing, he was still there. He didn’t despawn or phase out during the challenge, either! I can’t say if he really helped much, but I thought it was pretty funny. I guess he wanted to help out his pal Wrathion!


One Response to [Screenshots] Tsiku’s Cloak

  1. Congratz on the cape, still working on mine, however, it is doubtful that I will get the cape during this “buff” period due to the fact that I am one of those people that has been lagging behind throughout MoP.

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