[Story] Fairsong Academy – Maerista’s Journal

I was starting to worry that he’d forgotten about me, or worse, that something had happened out in the forest. But last night I looked up from my book and he was right there! He brought flowers again, pink ones this time. They’re so pretty! He got chocolates too, and they were from one of the nicer shops in Silvermoon. He must have made a special trip just to get them. I think I asked too many questions, he’s so quiet. Mostly I was trying to figure out things I could put into the story. The first part is done, but now I’ll definitely work on another one. It’s good to have lots of details in your story, it makes it seem more authentic. Gael said that they always work in teams and he’s been busy watching the ziggurat in case anything comes out of it. I’m not really sure what he meant by that, I would assume some horrible Scourge thing. There were also reports of Scourge in the Scar, he said, and he’d have to go investigate. I’m really glad that he’s not going alone, because it would certainly be very dangerous. I mean, I’m sure he could handle himself but it makes me worry less if I know someone’s there with him. Except the people there with him are both pretty girls who are closer to his age than I am. I guess Nessna is with the captain, but she’s still pretty, I’m sure Gael must have noticed. And Lin, though he made a funny face when I asked about her. He said they don’t get along very well, but he wouldn’t tell me why.

That’s because Kestrae showed up right then, which wouldn’t normally be unusual but she acted really nervous. She kept looking out the window as if she was expecting someone. I thought it might be Ordinicus, but I don’t know why she’d be nervous about that. She took four pieces of cake, which is a lot for her, and she ate them outside. Gael suggested that we could do that too, but then Kestrae said the mosquitos are really awful because there aren’t enough spiders to eat them. They have been bad lately. I sure hope Tik can take care of them before the wedding so everyone isn’t itching all over. But if they’re so bad, why did Kestrae want to eat out there? Gael said that the building is nearly done, there’s just a few things to finish on the inside. That means the wedding will be soon, and I’ll be able to dance with him. That is, if Lani invites the rangers. I don’t really see why she wouldn’t, but you never know. Then Gael pointed out that I should be able to invite a guest, so if they aren’t invited I can just invite him. Or he said he could just show up to eat all her food and pretend like he didn’t know, but honestly I think that would make Lani kind of upset. The rangers have been at both balls, so I don’t see why she wouldn’t want them at the wedding, especially since her sister is one of them.

Usually I feel like I am a pretty quiet person but I felt like I was the only one talking. I think Gael must have had a lot on his mind. He did tell me that his brother died, maybe that is his dark and mysterious secret. He didn’t really answer anything I asked, which was kind of strange but I didn’t want to seem too nosy or anything. He did say I was pretty. I looked at his ears a lot, but I don’t think he noticed. They’re so nice. And he kissed my hand, which was so romantic. I don’t know if anyone saw but I hope they did. I don’t know when I’ll see him again, I hope it’s soon though. I’m not sure if I should tell him about the story or not, I mean it might seem a little strange. And I had to make up some things and I probably got them wrong. I’d ask Xarola but I’m not sure if I trust her advice.



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