[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Journal

I had a surprise this morning. The guys told me that a girl had come by the building last night and asked for a job. At first I couldn’t think how she’d have found a notice; I haven’t put any up in ages. But it turns out she’d seen it in Quel’Danas, at the harbor. I guess no one had bothered to take it down, it must have been there from before we left. It seems like it was so long ago.

She can’t be very old, probably around Lin’s age, but I didn’t ask for specifics. The answers she gave were vague enough that I could tell I wouldn’t get the truth without a lot of prying. That’s fine, everyone has secrets, don’t they?  As long as she can fire a bow and won’t cause any trouble, I don’t need to know them. She said that she’d used one a few times, but was better with knives. That means I’ll need either Nessna or Lin to train her, I know neither will be especially thrilled about it, but we need new people badly. I can’t afford to turn her away, besides, she could turn out to be very good. Already  Ty and Gael are miles better than when they first arrived, and in time I’m sure they could train new recruits as well. More importantly, it’ll give them a few more shifts off. Everyone’s been working so hard lately, they’ll definitely appreciate that.

I’m sure they’ll appreciate other things about the new girl too. I told her she’d need armor to protect herself from the cats and spiders and bats. But also because I think the guys would find it distracting. I’m just glad Nessna didn’t see her running around like that and accuse me of anything. I wasn’t looking, but I’m not sure if she’d believe me. And it’s kind of hard not to when they’re right there. Anyway, we had some stuff in the storage that fit her all right, I’ll send one of the girls into town with her to get properly fitted soon. She already stayed in the womens’ quarters last night, which was a bit of a surprise to them but they seem to be getting along all right. I really hope there’s no trouble, in truth I think Lin will appreciate having someone to talk to. Sorrowmoss rarely talks to anyone — though Orledin says she talks to him, I’ve never heard much out of her though.

I heard from Isandri, she sent a letter, mostly about what Iannor is up to. He’s growing quickly, and he’s starting to sit up on his own although he’s a little wobbly. I bet he’s really cute. I also think Rylad would really like to play with him. I guess it’s time that I told Isandri about that, I’m not sure how she’ll take it. Actually I do, she’ll assume things again and probably tell our parents and they’ll want me to bring them to visit. I’m not exactly opposed to that either, just I think it would be a bit much for her right now. Isandri also wrote about the shop, it seems Thero is doing well with that. I still think he ought to have come back to the rangers, though maybe it’s for the best that he isn’t out here with us. Who knows what he’d have to say about the way I run my unit, or about living with one of them.



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