[Screenshots] Kanrethad – Success at Last!

After my last post I decided to finish my LFRs, then I did one more try and… wow, it happened! That was seriously intense. You guys who did this at 483 have mad respect!

Giant thanks to Jae’s post here for the macros and tips: http://alltherestwow.wordpress.com/2013/12/08/kanrethad-made-cheesy/


I’m a real lock now! I love how the horse looks, so awesome. I’m kinda bummed I already did his LFRs, kind of want to take him and flaunt it there!


I know the title is going to be account wide, but I doubt that the green effect will, so I’m considering trying on Uldred as well. His gear is only 500 or so, so it would certainly be tougher. Maybe he’ll get lucky with Ordos and the Celestials soon.



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